Basketball drills for all skills


A) Post 4 is 1 meter outside bucket near baseline with the ball.
B) Player sprints from top 3-pointline to side post A, gets the pass.
C) Post weakside flashes up high on ballside. Gets ball, turnsfor pass (above head)
A) Posts-up before the basket, gets ball and fininshes. Make headfake one side go other side.
After drill,A gives ball to row A and goes to row C.
C goes to row B. B to A.

  • Player with ball one side of the basket, mid-player sets screen on to ball, rolls to the basket.
  • Screened player dribbles accross to the other side.
  • Low post sets back-screen on side player.
  • Player gets pass,lay-up. Two for the rebound.
  • Next players ready.
  • Plus two/four defenders possible. Switch positions.
  • After 4 times, swith top to side positions.Than switch side basket.
  • Two players, behind each other outside the key/3-point line.
  • 3 pilons/ Player with ball starts at middle, defender behind her.
  • Player with ball goes around 3rd pilon. Defender around 2nd. Lay-up/defense. (2-4 baskets)
  • As a team on the back line.
  • Simultaneously jog to center line/back.
  • 3x. All running at the same time.
  • 2 rows of back line.
  • Sprint to free throw line.
  • Jog to center line.
  • Back the other way.
  • Connect other row. (4x)
  • 2 rows left/right on backline.
  • Slides to free throw line, sprint diagonally back to other looking.
  • Side of your own row.
  • Jogging via the outside back, connecting other group.
  • Closeout to vw-line, jog through. Back again.(4x) ......
  • Weave from midcourt/finish lay-up. 5min. Then...stretch.
  • 3 attackers around the bucket,
  • 2 defenders in the bucket.
  • Attackers around the bucket pass around.
  • Defenders move towards the ball and give helpside.
  • Right wing attacker sometimes dribbles inside to bucket edge and then outside again.
  • Post-up in the middle (bucket).
  • Defender lets attacker get in front of him.
  • Post-up (good!!)
  • Attacker receives pass from the head.
  • 1 on 1 (until defender has ball).
  • 5 scores.
  • Then switch.

A) Player with ball and defender on three-point line.
B) Player lay with defender, edge of bucket. Puts screen on ball.

  • A passes, layup, or watches for roll off B to the basket.
  • 2 on 2.
  • Expandable with 2 to 3 attackers/defenders.
  • They then put screen on player without ball.

  • 2 centers next to each other on the free throw line.
  • Passer with ball around 3-point line right or left of bucket.
  • Center on the side of the ball fakes and moves to low.
  • Or they switch spots and other center goes low.
  • One of them popped-out or is free on the header.
  • Other goes to low weakside.
  • Defenders at 2 centers and 1 extra in center bucket.
  • Extendable. (test)
  • Shooting warm-up.
  • Matching pairs starting from the back line to the halfway line.
  • Minimum of 3 passes.
  • When you reach the halfway line, the player on the sideline dribbles to the middle, between the legs, behind the back around the pylon and back to the right.
  • Other player runs to a pylon outside the bucket, runs around it and offers himself for the pass.
  • Then takes the shot.
  • Passer rebounds and passes to other side of court for pairs passing to the other side and lay-up.
  • Ball may not touch ground.