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Basketball drills

  • The ball starts in the middle.
  • The blue player stays in the middle and always grabs the rebound on both sides of the court. He passes the ball to the outlet.
  • The white player at the outlet passes the ball to the red player on the other side of the court and runs to the Free throw line.
  • The red player runs the layup and becomes the new outlet.
  • Blue grabs the rebound and passes to the outlet, red.
  • Meanwhile, the white player has run back to receive the ball from red and run a layup.
  • The blue rebounder makes sure the ball doesn't hit the floor!

    An intense drill for:
    - fitness
    - team building
    - perseverance
    - passing

    - make x number of scores
    - x number of scores in a row

    IMPORTANT: build well

    To make it easier:
    - Ball may bounce once on rebound anyway
    - The outlet may first set 1 or 2 dribbles before the long pass
drawing Side line fast break drill
  • The players are divided into 4 corners,
  • Every 2nd player in line has a ball.
  • 2 players start and run diagonally across the field.
  • At the 3-point line they receive the pass.
  • Front to goal, feint, crossover to the ring and connect in the opposite corner.
  • The passers in turn run diagonally to the other side.
drawing First step drill
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 defender at the level of the free throw line
    • Rest of the players in the middle of the center line
    • Ball at the center line
  • Progression:
    • Player dribbles forcefully to in front of the free throw line and takes a shot
    • Defense moves but does not prevent the shot
    • Shotter takes own rebound and rejoins in the back
    • Defense stays standing x number of times
  • Progression:
    • Defense comes up
    • Offense does a crossover and takes a layup
    • Extra defender on the lay-up
drawing Shooting drill middle
Players are lined up in 2 rows.
  • First player in the corner has no ball and starts with a feint-cut to the wing.
  • Then he runs backdoor and receives the pass from the player on the wing.
  • The latter makes the same feint to the top.
  • Then he also cuts backdoor and receives the pass from the corner.
drawing Backdoor drill
  • 4 players stand fixed at the elbow of the bucket.
  • Other players stand in the 2 right corners of the court.
  • Get across in 2 give & go's, possibly with short dribble and finish with lay-up.
drawing Give & Go drill
  • Players are lined up in 5 lines.
  • The first line has a ball, the others do not.
  • 3 defenders are lined up in the 3 circles and must try to intercept passes.
  • After a pass you join the row you gave the pass to.
  • The last one finishes with a layup and comes back with the ball.
drawing Pass exercise with defense
  • Starting lineup
    • 1 group left end line
    • 1 group middle end line
    • 1 group right end line
    • Balls in the middle
  • Progression:
    • Player in the middle passes to player left
    • Player on the left passes back to player in the middle
    • Player in the middle passes to the right
    • Player on the right does a layup and runs through to the other side
    • Player in the middle runs around the cone on the right side and returns that way
    • Player on the left takes the rebound and runs down the middle
    • Play the same to the other side
drawing Lakers lay-up drill
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 player sideline at free throw line level
    • 1 player baseline at the bucket
    • Players baseline with ball

  • Sequence:
    • Player baseline gives an arch pass to the player on the sideline
    • Player sideline catches the ball, sprints and makes a lay-up
    • Player baseline runs after player
    • After 10 minutes of free throws
    • Everyone baseline, 1 player makes a free throw
    • If missed, everyone except shotter runs to the center line and back

  • Progression:
    • Return with passive defense, step slide
    • Give player sideline less lead
    • Score 2 free throws in a row

  • Regression:
    • Giving player sideline more lead
drawing Competitive layups
  • Starting lineup:
    • There are as many teams as there are groups of 4
    • 1 player baseline on one side with ball
    • 1 player baseline on other side with ball
    • 1 player three-point line on one side
    • 1 player three-point line on other side

  • Conduct:
    • The players standing at the level of the three-point line walk to the other side of the field
    • There they receive a pass from the baseline player
    • Then they take a shot at the free throw line
    • The passer runs to the other side of the court to receive the ball there
    • The shotter takes own rebound and waits for the next player to come running in
  • Progression:
    • To first take 7 shots inside, then move on
drawing Shooting drill per 4
  • Starting lineup:
    • Use whole court
    • 2 players stand right on the center line ready to do lay-up
    • 2 players stand on the left center line ready to lay-up
    • 3 players stand on the right sideline, level with the free throw line
    • 3 players stand to the left on the sideline, level with the free throw line
  • Progression:
    • Players at the center line start their lay-up
    • After the lay-up they take their own rebound and give an outlet pass to the waiting player on the sideline
    • Then they join the sideline, at the level of the free throw line
    • Lay-up, bob cousy, power lay-up, lay-back, jump stop
  • Progression:
    • Change of direction at the level of the three-point line
    • Crossover, behind the back, reverse dribble at the center line
    • Coach defends, attacker adjusts
    • After lay-up, stay on defense
  • Regression:
    • Take shot instead of lay-up
drawing Lay-ups with outlet
  • 2 teams.
  • Everyone a ball
  • Shoot from 7 positions.
  • When you have shot, you go for your own Rebound.
  • If you have caught your Rebound without the ball touching the ground, you may score again immediately.
  • So you can score 2 points at a time.
  • Half Court shot, 1 hit no Rebound.
drawing Travel around the world with Rebound
3 play sets for offence

  • Toronto switch hammer (Drawn)
  • Drive and kick shooting: Player begin in corner, get ball and takes a fake shot, drives in passing to the top of the key; player takes fake shot drives in passing to corner; corner takes shot immediatly. (Take turn switching clockwise)
  • Drive screen kick play: Ball starts under basket, passed to top of the key who then drives and takes a fake shot, passing it out to the right corner; corner takes fake shot and drives into the base line; while driving player and left elbow switches with left corner; left corner sets screen; elbow originating player at corner, receives pass and take a wide open three.
drawing Play sets