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Basketball drill: side line fast break drill

Suitable for the following techniques: passing condition attack

Side line fast break drill

  • The ball starts in the middle.
  • The blue player stays in the middle and always grabs the rebound on both sides of the court. He passes the ball to the outlet.
  • The white player at the outlet passes the ball to the red player on the other side of the court and runs to the Free throw line.
  • The red player runs the layup and becomes the new outlet.
  • Blue grabs the rebound and passes to the outlet, red.
  • Meanwhile, the white player has run back to receive the ball from red and run a layup.
  • The blue rebounder makes sure the ball doesn't hit the floor!

    An intense drill for:
    - fitness
    - team building
    - perseverance
    - passing

    - make x number of scores
    - x number of scores in a row

    IMPORTANT: build well

    To make it easier:
    - Ball may bounce once on rebound anyway
    - The outlet may first set 1 or 2 dribbles before the long pass
drawing Side line fast break drill

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: