Basketball drills for rebounding

1 player or the coach shoots from the free throw line (5x)
  • Line up for free throws
  • Let the ball bounce on the ground (defenders must keep the attackers away until the ball has stopped)
  • When the attacker gets the ball, push up (whole team)
  • 3 defenders in a row in the paint.
    • Give them number one, two, three.
  • 3 attackers at the three-point line position head and wing.
  • Coach passes to one of the 3 attackers and calls nrs 1-3
  • Defender with that number close-out to attacker with ball.
  • Attacker shoots (may use 1 dribble). Defence boxt-out
  • 3 or 4 defenders rotate in the paint.
    • Closeout as they come from low to high.
  • 3-4 attackers stand on 3-line.
  • Coach passes from baseline to attacker.
    • Attacker shoots directly.
  • Attack rebounds then defense runs.
Basic drill Spin and swim drill

In this exercise, the basics of rebounding are explained and practiced (again).

Low center of gravity

  • Pairs of equal strength, without the ball.
  • Each pair backs against each other.
  • Start on the baseline, player on the baseline (attacker) tries to push the player with his back towards him (defender) to the opposite side.
  • Defender must have his back straight and his knees deep, so that the centre of gravity is low.
  • Once on the other side, the players swap roles and go the other way.

Explanation of basic movements

  • Watch where the attacker is going.
  • Make contact with hand/arm.
  • Pivot so your back is turned to your opponent.
  • Box out!


  • Same pair on the baseline, about a metre apart.
  • Trainer calls out left or right.
  • Attackers then calmly take a few steps towards defender.
  • Defender carries out steps.
  • NOTE: attacker must step slowly for the exercise!
  • After a few rolls, attacker/defender turn around.

Game shape

  • Same pair, around the centre circle. (Defender on the circle line, 1 ball in the middle.)
  • When the trainer says GO, the attackers try to get the ball, the defenders have to box out!
  • After a few rolls attacker/defender turn around.
  • Rows of 5-6 men, 2 per basket, 1 ball per row.
  • Throw ball against the board, next player catches and throws again immediately against the board.
  • U12-2 must catch ball in the air.

2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebounds own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who scored runs to the other baseline to retrieve a pawn and brings it back to the group. Can also be done with the volleyball scoreboard (keeping track of points, best of 5)
  • Group with most pawns at the end wins

Triplets with a ball.

  • Trainer throws ball against the board, team must rebound and choose outlet.
  • Trainer blocks off one side so they have to pick and ask for the ball!
  • Outlet dribbles to the middle and 3X0 completes with a layup (pace.)

  • Depending on the level of the U12 explain: outlet, ask for the ball (hands), fill in lines and run attack.
  • Trainer can be disruptive at the 2x1, pay attention to left and right handed dribbling.


Games with different assignments/restrictions.
Pay attention to free running, not blind dribbling, good passing, pivoting, talking.

  • 3x3 without dribbling (1 basket)
  • with max 2 dribbles
  • Both teams lie on the back line (on stomach),
  • trainer puts ball in play via shot or bounce (quickly choose position, who will attack?)
  • just play to the 10 (end game)

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