Basketball drills for rebounding

  • Get ready for the free throw with rebounders. 
    • 1 person shoots the free throw
  • Rebounders try to catch the ball:
  • Attack gets the ball trying to score on the same basket
  • Defense catches the ball, tries to score on the opposite basket
  • If a bucket is made, the scoring team may take a free throw.
  • Two teams
    • 1 team will slide into the bucket, everyone has a number (front to back)
    • Other team is going to stand at the 3 point line
  • I pass the ball to someone and then everyone in the bucket will box out someone from outside the bucket. 
  • Pay attention: 
    • Agree who defends whom.
    • If you box out, make contact first and then turn open
  • If the defending team has caught the ball, it can start attacking
  • Each score one point, team that has 3 points first.

2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebound own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who has scored runs to the other baseline to pick up a pilon and brings it back to the group
  • Group with the most pilons at the end wins
  • Throw the ball above your head against the wall and catch it.
  • Short movements 
  • 1 minute


  • With 3 men on the back line and the middle one has a ball.
  • The middle one passes to a man and chases the ball.
  • The receiver keeps the ball behind him and the one who passed first takes the ball and passes on.
  • The person who has the ball behind his back runs behind the ball, picks it up at the receiver and passes on to the other side.
  • They do this while running to the basket on the other side.
  • If someone is close enough to the basket, the man plays a lay-up.
  • Make variations on the passing lines


  • A row with ball at the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the free throw line on the right.
  • Player on the head passes the ball to the forward on the side.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the triangle (defender), passes the ball out to the forward on weakside.
  • The forward makes a strong drive to the basket.
  • The player in front and the other forward who has passed go for the rebound.
  • A line with the ball at the head of the bucket.
  • A row behind the free throw line on the right.
  • A row of the same but on the left.
  • Centers + Guards + Forwards
  • Starting from U14
  • 6 or more players 
  • 1 ball
  • two baskets


  • Mastering the basics of a break 


  • break training in a competitive situation 


  • 2 teams with different shirt colors
  • the players all run around the circle
  • as soon as the coach shoots they're gonna rebound
  • the team that captures the ball runs a break on the other side (no shot within 5 seconds = push up + take out other team on the back line)
  • after score or defensive rebound the other team runs a break back

Teaching Points:

  • outlet position and pass
  • flyer on the other side at full speed away
  • execute at top speed
  • After score, take in position immediately with overhead pass


  • two teams arranged alternately in 2 rows
  • the players tip the ball to each other via the board (jumping and tipping like a tip in)
  • and connect to the back of the other row
  • at the signal of the coach, the team that is currently picking up the ball runs a break
  • on the other basket
  • the other team defends
  • (with an odd number, the largest team always attacks and there is automatically an excess situation)
  • Two rows at the centerline
  • The first two have a ball - Right
  • From the center line you dribble to the basket:
    • Layup (15x hit in a row, a player under the basket catches the ball and counts, play again if the player didn't count)
    • Shots from bucket (7 in a row)
  • The player under the basket starts when the dribbler starts.
  • Coach goes further and further back.