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Handball drills for

As a child, it is good to learn young how to jump up or what fast footwork is, in this exercise you can use both.

  • A player starts at the running ladder,
    • Here, he or she carries out the task which is explained.
  • Then after the step ladder, the player continues to the next obstacle,
    • Here, the player jumps over the jump with one or two legs at the same time.
  • Then the next obstacle, the player continues to the pawns,
    • Here, he or she goes sideways past the pawns.
  • If there is a goalkeeper present, you can choose that the children, after moving the cones, take a ball and may throw it in a 1 against 1 with the goalkeeper.
    • Then the ball is put back and they join in at the back.

There are different variations to think of for each obstacle, so it remains attractive and you can keep doing it for a reasonably long time.

drawing Youth fitness
One of the most important things for a goalie is the strength in the upper legs, in this exercise this is practiced.

  • The goalkeepers try to move their legs up and down on the bench for one minute
  • Then you do that 2 more times,
    • The time can be varied according to the age group and level. (For example 1x 45 seconds and 1x 30 seconds).
  • Then you do 3 x 30 seconds jumping up with 2 legs at the same time to the beat of queen 'We will rock you
    • This means, 2x jumping on the ground and then with both simultaneously on the bench.

  • 2 rows at the 6 a 7 meter line.
  • Everyone has a ball.
  • In the middle are 10 balls.
  • Take turns passing the ball to the goalkeeper and throwing it in.
  • Quickly around the pawn and back to build-up position.
drawing Goalkeeper throw-in in small group
  • A goalkeeper stands next to the running ladder,
  • A leg goes in and out, first half, then entirely.
  • The goalkeeper first steps into a box with one leg and then kicks out,

  • Make sure that the goalkeepers keep their upper body straight, even if this means that the leg does not reach as high.

drawing Keeper, half high (dry)
  • You have 2 teams on a volleyball field with a small goal at the back of each field.
  • One player stands at either end and the other players stand at the sides of the court.
  • One player throws the ball at the opponent's goal, the player who throws goes out and another player of the team goes in.
  • The goalkeeper takes the ball and then throws it at goal and goes out.
  • It goes on like this all the time.
  • If you score, your team gets a point.
  • With a jump shot you are not allowed to land over the middle line.

drawing Throwing and shooting
  • B1 plays on point.
  • Runs through and receives the ball in the run and finishes with a running shot.
  • R1 blocks the ball. (jumping and forearms against each other)
drawing Barrier and blocks
  • You make pairs.
  • Both persons stand on the circle at the same height as the poles.
  • You run with 1 ball per pair to the other side of the circle.
  • While running to the other side you throw the ball to each other.
  • When you're on the other side you run back to the other side.
  • Variation:
    • Overhand throw.
    • Knee-down passing.
    • Passes with jump shot.
    • Sideways jump to the opposite circle.
    • Cross pass to the opposite circle.
    • Accelerated pass. (50, 60, 70, 80 %)
    • Sprint.
drawing Warm up break
  • You make pairs.
  • These pairs start calmly walking through the hall with a ball.
  • About every minute you make it a little faster.
  • So we slowly work from a slow running pace to a sprinting pace.
  • You can also choose to give different instructions to a pair.
  • Examples of this are:
    • Passes with a jump.
    • Passes with 2 arms.
    • Pass with 2 arms above the head.
    • Sprint the other way after a pass.

drawing warm up in pairs
  • All players have the ball and pass it simultaneously to the player on their right.
  • Alternate to the left.
  • Vary by having players 1, 3 and 5 play the ball with bounce.
drawing Round
  • Player 2 plays the ball to player 1 and walks to pawn 2
  • Gets the ball from player 1 again
  • Plays the ball back to player 1 and walks backwards around cone 1
  • Runs to pylon 3 and gets the ball from player 1
  • Plays the ball back to player 1 and walks backwards around cone 1 to the middle between cones 2 and 3
  • Gets the ball in the path of player 1.
  • Finish on target.
  • Everything on fast tempo.
drawing pace play builders
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2 and starts running towards pawns 1 and 2,
  • Goes through this sideways and runs to pion 3, in the run the ball is played to player 2
  • At pion 3, pass in the direction of pawns 4 and 5 and finish on goal.
drawing Sideways pilon and pass
  • Player 1 starts in towards pion 1 and runs the ball to player 2.
  • After that backwards through pion 2 and 3 and start towards pion 4.
  • In the run to pion 4 the ball is passed to player 2 again and player 1 rounds off the goal by shooting.
drawing Slalom by pilon