Handball drills for all skills

  • All players divide on the left and right corner (in pairs)
  • Players in the left corner have a ball
  • The trainer calls yes and at that moment they start to break out together.
  • The LH plays the ball and runs towards the goal in order to help the RH
  • First without a defender, then a defender and then two defenders

  • Group in 2 rows (LO and RO)
  • 1st LO without ball
  • 1st RO plays ball to LO, LO shoots at goal
  • 2nd LO plays ball to RO, RO shoots at goal

Also useful to play the goalkeeper:

  • On the hands
  • Top corner left / right
  • Shoulder height left / right
  • Knee height left / right
  • Bouncing balls left / right
  • Low balls left / right

Warm up (feet always moving)

  • Throw over short distance
  • Throwing over longer distance
  • Throwing over half a field
  • Running into the bounce
  • Push pass
  • Keep ball in the middle (high tempo)
  • 1-1 push

Run 3x

Arms (exercise to, run back)

  • Right arm forward
  • Left arm forward
  • Right arm backwards
  • Left arm backwards
  • Two arms forward at the same time
  • Two arms in reverse
  • Two arms alternately forwards
  • Two arms alternately backwards

Legs(outward exercise, return walk)

  • Knee lift low
  • Lift high
  • Heels buttocks
  • Left front slide
  • Slide pass right front
  • Crossover step left front
  • Cross pass right front
  • Curves

Sprint up and down 2x


  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Arms
  • Divide into 2 teams and place in a circle 1.5m apart.
  • Team 1 has a ball and team 2 has a ball.
  • The balls start with the players opposite each other.
  • Both teams play the ball around and try to catch up with the other team's ball.

Circulation warm-up

  • This consists of a loose walk-in for 5 to 10 minutes with various light movements for arms, legs and torso.
  • By doing this you actively bring the function of the heart, lungs, nervous system and muscular system to a higher level than the resting level.



  • Start and finish line, caps are scattered around the field.
  • The number of caps is the number of players in the team x 2.
  • Caps are brought to the end line one by one, the team that finishes first wins.
  1. B1 plays on point of play, runs on and receives the ball in the run and finishes with a running shot.
  2. R1 blocks the ball. (jumping and forearms against each other)

Do you want to get in shape? You can, but you need a few things for it.

  • What do you need?
    • Pawns
    • Soccer
    • Clothes you can work out in
    • Stairs
  • First of all, it's important that you warm up well before you start working on your fitness!
  • What do you need to do?
    • Run 2 cones to the front 1 to the back and repeat this every time.
      • Do that twice
    • Take the ball and run with it in 5 circles.
      • This will give you ball control and also ensure that you have worked on your fitness for a while.
    • You can also do exercises for your condition inside by running 5 times up and down the stairs.
  • Of course you can give your own twist to how you want to do it, but I find these are the nicest and most fun ways to improve.
  • Don't try to run fast the first day without stopping, do it in steps!