Handball drills for all skills



A dribbles and passes to B.
B dribbles and passes again to

Pass so that the next player takes over the dribble.

  • Ladder at speed!
  • After the ladder sprint to the pawn on the other side.
  • From there move back and forth from pawn to pawn until you are back at the beginning.
  • Depending on the number of players set out 2 lines
  • Ball starts in the LH.
  • LH plays LO.
  • LO plays incoming MO to the left and takes over MO.
  • CS blocks inside defender.
  • MO changes direction to the right and plays CS.
  • CS completes.


  • Ball starts at RH.
  • RH puts pressure between 2 defenders and passes to RO.
  • RO presses between 2 defenders and passes to MO.
  • MO pressures between 2 defenders.
  • CS puts barrier on offensive defender of LO.
  • LO gets round the bar and finishes.
  • Attention! The pressure is very important in this exercise so that
    the MA will not be back in time to cover the ball.pressurizing-with-cs
  • LO starts with ball and plays incoming MO.
  • In the run MO passes to the RO.
  • MO puts barrier on inside of defender.
  • LO gets around the bar and gets ball from RO.
  • LO finishes the ball.


  • Make threes
    • 2 attackers and 1 defender.
  • Try to pass the defender by means of a barrage inside the pawns.
  • LH starts to pressure the outside of the corner defender
  • LO puts pressure between the corner defender and defensive right wing
  • MO pressurises between the defending right build-up and the centre back
  • RO pressurises between mid-back and defensive left
  • RH puts pressure between defensive left build-up and corner defender
  • RH sidesteps the corner defender and throws on goal
  • Passing


  • Walk around the pawns, passing the ball in front of the pawns.
  • After the last pawn join the back of the group.


  • Pass to player in the middle.
  • Get pass back at speed between the posts.
  • Slide sideways to next corner.
  • skeet-shooting
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