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Handball drills for technique throw

  • 5 players stand in the front of 2 triangles: 2 facing each other /1 next to them/ then again 2 facing each other next to them.
  • Passing is done with 2 balls.
  • The pairs play across, but also to the middle if that player is turned their way.
  • That middle player plays back to the duo and then turns around again.
drawing Passes with 5
Refine stretch throw, with explanation:
  • Ball in 2 hands
  • Left hand goes down, right hand goes up
  • Left hand moves along causing left shoulder to turn in.
  • Move along to shoulder height
  • Shot with whip-like movement of wrist and elbow
  • Extra direction and impulse from the fingers
  • 2 benches with balls and pawns on them.
  • 2 teams on each side of the benches at about 5 meters.
  • Each team tries to throw off as many pawns and balls as possible.
  • The one with the most wins.
  • 2 benches facing each other in the playing field. On half of each bench a marker or ring in the middle of the bench.
  • There are 1 or 2 players on the bench.
  • Players must overplay to get the ball to the tower = player on the bench.
  • Note; the tower can only be played with a bounce!
  • All players have a ball.
  • 3 mats behind.
  • One goal.
  • Players step through a 3 pass; left-right-left, across the mats and then finish with shot.
  • Note correct shot posture:
    • Correct leg forward - right-handed left, left-handed right-.
    • Arm high and elbow above shoulder.
drawing Teaching 3-Pass
  • Everyone stands in the position where he/she often stands during match.
  • Everyone has a ball and starts up when they receive/play the ball.
  • Everyone rounds their own ball at the goal.
  1. LH starts rounding, get ball played to them by instarting LO. Circle player sets off corner for realistic shot.
  2. LO gets ball from instarting MO and rounds on goal. Circle player can be passive defender.
  3. MO may throw, gets ball from RO. Circle player may be passive defender.
  4. MO quickly returns to position and plays RO.
  5. RO plays RH, rounds on goal.
  6. MO plays circle with bounce and rounds on goal.
This exercise can be repeated several times at a good pace.
There can be several players per position.
The first in line can play all corners.
It is about warming up from your own position.
Keeper stands on goal.
  • Set up 4 benches 1.5 - 2 meters apart.
  • All players a ball.
  1. Make a 3 pass: left-right jump and land on the bench.
  2. Do this toward each bench.
drawing Preparation for jump throw
  1. Players line up in groups of 3.
  2. Player in the middle is the loafer and tries to intercept the ball.
  3. The other 2 may try to make space between the pawns for the pass.
Points of attention:
  • Proper throwing technique.
  • Hands ready to catch.
  • No arc balls.
  • Running free, making sure you respond to the loafer.
drawing Loafing
  • At 3 spots(LO/MO/RO) place a dummy or poles with vests.
  • Players approach from 1 side, get the ball and after 2 steps from the 2nd line they finish 3 times with:
    • High stretch/ swing shot.
    • Underhand shot.
    • Articulated shot.

  • Have left-handed players start on the right.
  • Focus on ball control.
  • Lots of repetitions.
  • The players stand in a square.
  • 1 player throws the ball 1 way and runs in the other direction and moves up one position.
  • Note, never throw diagonally.
At 3 positions, within the 9 meters, lay down marking circles.
  • 2 for the null pass, then right-left-right or left-right-left.
  • No jumping.
  • Finishing on 1 leg standing and falling forward is allowed.
To improve your balance you can stand in pairs on the sideline and throw the ball.

This can be done with different tasks:
  • Tightrope walk (feet together, flat on the ground)
  • Tightrope walk + toes position
  • Stand on 1 leg
  • Jumping up and landing on the line on 1 or 2 legs and then throwing up