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Hockey drills for technique pass around player

  • Use pilons to set up two squares 
  • Around the dotted head circle (left and right next to/opposite the goal) 
drawing Dribbling passing shooting 1 vs 1 at goal with condition
  1. A starts with the ball.
  2. A runs with the ball toward the box and does a passing move around B.
  3. A passes it and goes around the pawn and does the same at C.
  4. A drives around the pawns and accelerates to the circle.
  5. A hits the ball on goal.
drawing Passing opponent
- Divide the group in half.
- Start with each group on the right side of the goal.
- Place 5 pylons on each side 1 meter from the bar.

  • On both sides, one player starts with the ball.
  • Who floats to 1st pylon and bounces the ball on the beam and takes the ball back after the pylon.
  • The player does this at all pylons.
  • After the last pylon, the player drifts the ball to the circle and scores.
  • The player takes the ball a connects at the other end.
- When drifting, keep ball on stick.
- When rebounding, turn in with the body so the ball makes a sharp angle.
drawing Handball on the beam
Put out as many times as there are players:
  • Each player has their own pawn.
  • They play 1-1 with the person opposite them.
  • The ball is in the middle.
  • At the whistle, they start trying to tap the other person's pawn.
  • After a certain time, blow the whistle.
  • Player who won moves one space to the right on the loser 1 to the left.
  • In case of a tie; stone paper scissors.
drawing 1 vs. 1 mini
A one-two in depth with quick passes and finishing at high pace:

  • Player A plays towards player B.
  • A runs deep towards the first pawn -running line-.
  • B passes back to A and runs deep towards the circle -short quick action-.
  • A passes back to B.
  • B takes on the forehand and spins away over the opponent's backhand -pawn-.
  • C sprints in towards head of circle -timing-.
  • B passes towards C possibly with the backhand sweep pass.
  • C takes on, brings the ball into the circle and rounds. 2 actions, ball under control and round off.
drawing One-two punch in high tempo
  • A starts with the ball a has a hard flats to B.
  • B passes the ball back to C.
  • C then makes a passing move past the pawns.
  • B runs through and plays with C who rebounds.
  • C has got the ball back and passes the ball back to the run through A.
  • After several balls apply the 1touch in the circle.
drawing Creating depth by means of handball movement
  • B runs wide and receives a hard pass from A.
  • B makes an elevator assumption over the bar.
  • Accelerates around the 2 pawns.
  • Finishes with a strike on goal.

drawing accelerate elevator acceptance with swerve to the left and right
  • Simple give & go in 2 ways. 
  • Easy short finishing exercise for beginning training. 
  • Extendable to 2-1.
  • Variant 1 - Pass sideways, vertical run with diagonal pass.
  • Variant 2 - Pass sideways, diagonal run with vertical pass.
  • Variation 3 - Pass sideways, diagonal run with short diagonal pass.
  • Variant 4 - Setup as Variant 3 with a 2-1 in the circle.
drawing Give & Go 1
  • D plays to A
  • C1 runs away to position C2
  • B1 gets in front of his defender at position B2
  • A passes to B2
  • B2 takes off and passes to D, who is coming up the sideline.
  • D dynamically picks up and passes to C2
  • From that moment on, the 3 vs 2 begins where A B2 and C2 build an attack in the circle against V1 and V2
  • A passes to B1
  • B2 passes to C1
  • C2 goes to D
  • D goes to A
drawing Attack over left and right with 3 vs 2
  • A starts with the ball and makes eye contact with B.
  • B runs in and receives a hard aimed pass from A.
  • B takes the ball with an elevator action and controls the ball and accelerates to the circle.
  • Lines up the ball and makes a hard pass to the 2 the post.
  • C runs in and tips the ball from B into the goal.
  • D starts with the ball and has a tightly aimed pass to E.
  • Takes it so he can run around the ball and finish right away with a strike.

drawing Block 4 exercise 2 lift action and tip-in
  • B comes running in towards the circle at speed. 
  • He gets the ball from A who gives a directed push for B so he can take him easily.
  • From then on the 2v1 starts. B and C against the defender. 
  • When the defender has taken the ball away he can score by driving the ball through the orange gate. 
  • Tips attackers
    • Create speed.
    • Playing over the backhand side of the defender.
    • Make eye contact with teammates.
    • Use the in-out running.
  • Tips for the defender
    • Close the shaft.
    • Stand between the pass line of the attackers.
    • Let the attacker make the mistake.
    • Set up exercise on two sides.
drawing block 1 exercise 2 2 vs 1 with a variation
  • First pass wide
  • players moves the ball inside other attacker move outside
  • 2 options walking inside passing outside