Hockey drills for


Running training

  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec knee lifts
  • 30 sec heels against buttocks
  • 30 seconds bridge with 1 foot on ball
  • 30 sec jump-lunge with ball between legs 30 sec skating jumps
  • 30 sec Russian-twist (feet off the floor)


  • Build up from 25

Plank workout (3 minutes)

  1. 30 seconds normal plank
  2. 30 seconds of alternating left and right leg lifts
  3. 30 seconds of side plank on right side, other arm extended
  4. 30 seconds side plank on left side, other arm extended
  5. 30 seconds of normal plank 30 seconds of spiderman plank

Bicycle Crunch

  • 2 x 1 minute (rest 20 seconds)


  • 3 x 8 pylo-clap push-ups
  • Flats,
  • Open take,
  • Accelerate & push pass from the run (if necessary, alternate the exercise with other techniques such as hit, push pass, backhand pass)


  • Sit-ups Make 2 pairs so that the players can take turns holding each other's feet.
  • Each player does these sit-ups: 10 times, 15 times, 20 times during which they rest by helping the other.
  • Put two players opposite each other in push-up position:
  • Have them try 1 by 1, 5 times in a row, to wipe each other's hands underneath.
  • Let them do this 3 times.
  • Everyone stands on their toes behind the back line, with their toes against the line.
  • Start by jumping 10 times on the line with your toes and jump back behind the line.
  • Build this up to 15 times and finally 20 times.
  • Always keep a 20 second rest during this exercise.
  • Team of two with ball, sitting opposite each other on the mat
  • Person A holds ball above head with both hands and moves to supine position while tapping the ground with ball backwards with outstretched arms
  • Person A moves to sitting position and hands the ball to person B
  • Person B goes to the supine position and taps the ground with the ball backwards
  • and so on


May also be with bended knees


  • In prone position throw ball to partner
  • Partner rolls the ball back on the ground




  • The player sits with his back against the wall and his legs in a 90 degree angle.
  • Keep this up for as long as possible.


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