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Hockey drills for

  • Use pilons to set up two squares 
  • Around the dotted head circle (left and right next to/opposite the goal) 
drawing Dribbling passing shooting 1 vs 1 at goal with condition
  1. Player A passes the pawns.
  2. Passes hard and cleanly to player B.
  3. A runs away from B.
  4. B passes to A and the latter takes to the run.
  5. Brings into the circle and rounds.
Points of attention:
  • Fast, hard and clean passing.
  • Takeover in the run.
  • Keep speed.
Possibly extend with a defender in the circle.
drawing Hard pass, take in the run and finish
  • Set up the square with pawns as in the drawing.
  • 2 teams of 3 people are formed. One team gets balls and the other team gets vests.
  • One team may start with 1 player leaving with 1 ball to the square.
  • A player from the vests team may then leave.
  • Players may either put down an item or move an item.
  • The team with 3 in a row first has won.
drawing 3 in a row condition game
A one-two in depth with quick passes and finishing at high pace:

  • Player A plays towards player B.
  • A runs deep towards the first pawn -running line-.
  • B passes back to A and runs deep towards the circle -short quick action-.
  • A passes back to B.
  • B takes on the forehand and spins away over the opponent's backhand -pawn-.
  • C sprints in towards head of circle -timing-.
  • B passes towards C possibly with the backhand sweep pass.
  • C takes on, brings the ball into the circle and rounds. 2 actions, ball under control and round off.
drawing One-two punch in high tempo
  • At trainer's signal, both players start sprinting.
  • Blue must run around first pawn and Red runs straight through to tap Blue.
  • Red becomes Blue and flips over.
  • Trainer calls color code: example WHITE RED RED the one who reaches the circle first may hit first:
    • Floating with ball.
    • Looking at ball and seeing how to run.
    • Looking at your teammate to determine if you can hit on goal.
drawing Floating with Ball
2 Teams against each other.
  • Trainer calls out a color combination.
  • Players run around those pawns and then into the circle.
  • Trainer throws a ball into the circle, players play 1:1

drawing Color combination
  • Turnover exercise with improving conditioning. 
  • Through the axis play out a 2-1 with shot on goal.
  • On violation or goal a 3-3 on the side towards the center line. 
  • A guard pass is mandatory. 
  • 10 seconds for the 2-1 to create a shot and 10 seconds for the 3-3.
  • At guard pass 3-3 the new 2-1 already starts.
drawing Turnover 2-1 to 3-3
  • There is a box of 4 different colored pawns.
  • The players start 5 to 10 meters away from the box (in this case the 23 meter line).
  • The trainer calls out a number of colors in succession.
  • E.g. Blue red orange blue.
  • The players then run to those pawns and then back to where they started.
drawing conditioning pilons
  • Player RED comes out of the square and offers himself to player BLUE.
  • BLUE passes to RED as he offers himself. 
  • Player WHITE pressures RED so it has to accept closed and plays back to BLUE (guard).
  • Player RED makes an acceleration to the left or right next to the square.
  • Player BLUE passes the ball to player RED looking carefully where RED asks for the ball (forehand or backhand).
  • RED takes the ball open and penetrates the circle to finish on goal.
drawing Closed control and passing a guard followed by an open control and finishing on target
  • Against a low press build up with 3 men.
  • 2 centers and 2 wide midfielders + strikers on the back line. 
  • Simple high tempo finishing exercise to practice pass lines.
drawing Build up against low press ( 3 man)
  • You put 1 pawn down as a starting point.
  • Then you put four pawns out like a fan at 8 meters distance. 
  • You sprint to the first pawn and then run backwards. 
  • Then 2 then 3 and 4. 
  • Next is player 2.
  • Whoever gets everything first is the winner.

drawing Relay race to 4 pilons