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Hockey drills for

  • The three attackers are going to try to pass in the box 3 times
    • If this is too easy, you can make more.
  • When they have passed each other 3 times, they may finish on goal
  • They only have to pass the defender who is standing there.
  • It then becomes a 3 on 2 with the attacker who was standing in the box.

drawing Ball possession with finishing
  • A starts with the ball and first plays the ball back to B.
  • When B has received the ball, the 3v3 starts and the defenders can start to pressure.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Use the exercise of switching the strikers
    • Play only the safe ball
    • Remember the 4 squares in the circle
  • Tips for defenders:
    • Keep your player in the circle
    • Push them to one side
    • Always put pressure on the ball (so do not let them shoot)

drawing 3 against 3 in the circle
  • A starts with the ball and runs towards the bar,
    • where he does a chop (another action if we don't have a water court)
  • He accelerates towards the circle.
  • B and C are ready to receive the ball from A and change places at the last moment.
  • B or C receives the ball from A and then we play a 3 on 2.

drawing Switching the strikers in depth
  • A takes the ball out and walks towards the circle where there is a defender and A plays the ball back to B.
  • B passes the ball to C. When the ball is in the hands of C the 4 on 2 match starts and the defenders can take the ball away.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Making speed
    • Positions in the circle
    • Call on a free man
    • Dare to finish
  • Tips for the defenders:
    • Close the passing line to the goal and let the attackers make the mistake.

drawing Shy + 4 against 2
  • A starts with the ball and runs wide
  • The two split switch positions when A starts to run.
  • One of the two receives the ball
  • A must look carefully to see which striker is free, as there is a defender between them who wants to conquer the ball and pass to the side
  • If it goes well, add an extra defender.
  • Others play a mini game, then switch groups.

drawing Switching striker under light pressure + mini game
  • A is the attacker and wants to finish on goal.
  • B wants to defend the attacker and push him into the opposite corner with a jab.
  • Tips defender:
    • Position yourself so that the attacker can only go one way
    • Pressure effectively
    • When she is in the other box, set up a double with the two of you
  • Can turn it off more often for more speed

drawing 1 against 1 to expansion 1 against 2
  • 3 against 3 game format
  • The aim is for you and your team to drive the ball over your opponent's back line. When you have done this you can go straight to the other back line.
  • Tips defenders:
    • Double your opponent
    • Push your opponent to one side
    • Let the opponent make the mistake
    • Maintain an active position
  • Tips attackers:
    • Make sure you let the ball do the work
    • Run the in-out
    • Always be able to return the ball
    • Play the safe ball

drawing 3 against 3 (game form)
  • Ball possession with switching moment
  • You make two teams and put two people outside the field.
  • The goal is for your team to play the man on one side.
  • For example, Red starts by playing the man on the left side and Blue has to play the man on the right side.
  • When a team has reached a point, you switch and red goes to the right side and blue to the left.

drawing Ball possession with switching moment
  • Exercise with double-crossing your opponent
  • 1 against 2
  • A is the attacker and starts with the ball and wants to score in the little goal at the other side
  • B and C are going to double trap the opponent so that he/she cannot score
  • Tips:
    • Push them to the outside
    • When they are on the outside, press them backwards

drawing Double-crossing your opponent
  • Practicing putting down the press
  • How do you do this and why do we do it this way?
  • A, B and C are going to try to score in the small goal on the center line,
  • The other three are going to set up the press, explain how they have to stand up and how to run at it to make sure they cannot go back and you can double them to conquer the ball.
  • When they have taken the ball away, they can finish on the goal.

drawing Press practice/ double
  • Party form with small teams
  • Goal communication
  • Talking to each other and daring to put each other in the right place.

drawing Party shape with small teams
2 exercises in 1

Exercise 1: one touch scoring
  • A runs in towards the goal gets the ball from B who shoots it hard and flats at the goal.
  • A tips the ball in with a one touch.
  • A turns at the same time and receives the ball from C who also flattens hard towards the goal.
  • A tips the ball in with a one touch
Exercise 2: game 3 against 3
  • Play a game 3 against 3 against each other.
  • Tips for attackers
    • Make the field big when you have the ball
    • Make triangles to reach each other easily
    • Over the backhand side of the opponent
    • Make use of the lift pass
    • Make sure you can always return the ball
  • Tips for the defenders
    • All stand behind the ball
    • Push them to your forehand side (think about how you will stand up)
    • Try to double them up and trap them
    • You can always return the ball

drawing One touch scoring + game 3 against 3