Korfball drills for


  • Go sideways through the ladder with straight back and knees raised.
    • 2x starting right and 2x starting left.
  • Go backwards through the ladder with 1 foot in each square.
    • 2x start with right and 2x start with left.
  • Stand in front of the ladder.
    • Step into ladder with left foot and right foot behind left leg around outside of ladder and pull left in.
    • Enter ladder with right and put left foot on the other side outside the ladder through the back of the right leg
    • Start 2x with left and 2x with right.
  • Go sideways through the ladder left foot in first square.
    • Then right foot behind the ladder in between the box.
    • Then with left foot in the ladder and with right foot in front of the ladder.
    • And then with left foot again in the ladder and with right behind it.
    • Notice the left foot. It is always in the box, right alternates from behind to in front of the ladder.
    • Start 2x with left and 2x with right
  • In the odd squares of the ladder is a hat.
    • jump with two legs diagonally over the hat to the next square.
    • Then with two legs in the square and on the other side next to it.
    • Then again over the hat etc. 
    • Jump 2x diagonally to the left and 2x diagonally to the right.
  • Set the hurdles 5 meters apart at 7 meters.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump.
    • When you are on the ground with the outside leg, play the ball back and make a through ball.
    • 5pp left and 5 pp right.
  • Now put the hurdles 5 meters and 5 meters apart.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump and shoot as you come down.
    • Score 5x pp.


This exercise is conditional and aims to practice turning and turning at high speed.

  • From the back line at a volleyball court, sprint to the far 3-meter line.
  • Then return to the first 3 meter line.
  • Then sprint to the back line and return the same way:
    • Through the farthest 3 meter line,
    • The first 3 meter line
    • The back -start line. This is 60 meters.

  • Always tap the line. 4 x.
  • After the first time 15 seconds rest.
  • After the second time 15 seconds of rest.
  • After the third time rest 30 seconds.

For each pair/trio, set out a 2 meter by 1 meter rectangle with four different colored hats.

  • 1 player stands in the box, the other watches.
  • Put two lines on each side of the rectangle.
  • The players in the box have their feet move - dribble - in place.
  • The players are always given commands to respond to.
  • Each time you name a color of a hat, they must touch that hat with their hand.
  • The command line means they must sprint to one of the sidelines. At that point, the other of the pair/triplet enters the box and then does the commands.
  • Each does this 10 times.
Assignments can include jump, squat, touch heel, touch knee, hop right, hop left, sit, plank, push-up, etc. 
You alternate these assignments with a color of a hat.
  • 2 - or 3 tal.
  • 1 post with declarer and 3 pawns in front of the post 5 meters apart.

  • Player starts at 1 with back to post.
  • Lateral to 2.
  • Shuffle to 3.
  • And fullspeed to post for through ball. Difficult turning point at 3.

  • Player starts at 1 facing the basket.
  • Lateral to 2.
  • Back to 3.
  • And fullspeed around 4 for a through ball.
  • Player sprints forward.
  • Then sideways to the left.
  • Sideways to the right.
  • Sideways to the middle.
  • Finally backwards to starting point.
  • Do this in pairs of 3 alternating and do this 5x each.


  • Pure shooting and build fitness.
  • Which pair will be the first to achieve 0 up and down runs.
  • You start by sprinting up and down the width of the hall 5 times as fast as possible.
  • Then you shoot 10 times within 2 meters and count how many times you score. You shoot alternately, so 5 times each.
  • If you have scored 5 or more times -half your number of single sprints- then you may sprint up and down the hall one less time, so 4 times.
  • Then you start shooting again and count how many times you score. If this is half or more than the number of times you have run, then you are allowed another up and down.
  • Divide team into groups of 2-3 people.
  • Each group stands behind a row of pawns: last in line stands under the basket with ball.
  • Number 1 runs to pawn 1 and back, to pawn 2 and back, to pawn 3 and takes a passed ball, catches ball and stands in throw.
  • Number 2 runs to pion 1 and back, to pion 2 and back, to pion 3 and takes a passed ball, catches the ball and stands in the throw.
  • They do this until they have both scored x number of times.
  • At pion 2, use a through ball in the first round.
  • At pawn 3, distance shot in the second round.
  • At pawn 4, penalty throw in the third round.


Learn to feel each other without communication and keep face on the game.

Two baskets facing each other. At each basket a ball and two players.

  • Player 1 under each basket walks to the center.
  • In the middle, players 1 rotate around each other, face remains towards the basket.
  • Run-through is initiated and self-captured.
  • Player 2 throws on and sets up a run to the center; grope with player 2 across.


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