Korfball drills for condition / strength


  • Run over two hurdles and then make a through ball 10x overhand, 10x underhand and 10x with 1 hand.
  • Start on the left side of the hurdle and move to the right behind the hurdle, then move forward and back to the left, then move forward and quarter to the right score 10x.
  • Then do this the other way around; score 10x
  • Put the hurdles 5 meters apart, move to the left, jump over the hurdle and get the ball at the same time, come down, jump up and shoot at the same time, then to the right score 20x .
  1. Go sideways through the ladder with two feet always in each step 2x left and 2x right
  2. Stand in front of the speed ladder and step left into the ladder and then right into the ladder, then left out and right out and then again in 3x
  3. Stand in front of the ladder and jump with 2 feet into the ladder turning at right angles, then left out and left in, then right out and right in etc. 3x
  4. Stand in front of the ladder and step left and then right next to the ladder, then on the same step left/right into the ladder, then out again 3x
  5. Stand in front of the ladder, step left next to the ladder, then right next to the ladder one space, then left again, etc. 3x


5 hurdles about 5 meters from the wall and 50 cm apart.
  1. Stand in front of the hurdle facing the hurdles and with knees slightly bent, go sideways through the hurdles 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  2. Stand sideways in front of the hurdle, jump over the hurdle and accelerate to the wall. Accelerate on the jump leg. 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  3. Jump over the hurdle, pull your knees up as high as possible and when coming down jump immediately. Everything on the front feet. 2x
  4. Hop over the hurdle, stand still for a moment and jump to the next hurdle. 2x left and 2x right
  5. Find balance. Walk over a line and tap the ground behind the hurdle with the toes of the outer foot. 2x left and 2x right
  • A running circuit with speed ladder, throwing and scoring
  • You can do this circuit by following a circular route or by changing each time after 3 minutes.
Learn to feel each other without communication and keep face on the game.

Two baskets facing each other. At each basket a ball and two players.

  • Player 1 under each basket walks to the center.
  • In the middle, players 1 rotate around each other, face remains towards the basket.
  • Run-through is initiated and self-captured.
  • Player 2 throws on and sets up a run to the center; grope with player 2 across.
  • Divide team into groups of 2-3 people.
  • Each group stands behind a row of pawns: last in line stands under the basket with ball.
  • Number 1 runs to pawn 1 and back, to pawn 2 and back, to pawn 3 and takes a passed ball, catches ball and stands in throw.
  • Number 2 runs to pion 1 and back, to pion 2 and back, to pion 3 and takes a passed ball, catches the ball and stands in the throw.
  • They do this until they have both scored x number of times.
  • At pion 2, use a through ball in the first round.
  • At pawn 3, distance shot in the second round.
  • At pawn 4, penalty throw in the third round.


Requirements: 2 speedladers with a basket behind them.
After each exercise, run through for a pass or a shot, catch your own ball and pass to the next player.
After signalling, the handler runs to the beginning of the speed ladder.


  • Lateral high knees, speed ladder:
    • Jog sideways through the ladder, raising your knees and keeping your torso upright.
    • Move your arms along with the movement. left and right.
  • Straight fast through speed ladder
  • Whoever scores the most goals from the through ball has won.
Speed Ladder:

  • Sideways with knees high through the ladder. Always place both legs in the ladder. Remember to keep a straight back and keep looking forward.
  • Hopping with 2 feet at a time. Start with 2 feet in the ladder and hop with both legs next to the ladder at the same box. Then forward back into the ladder and out with both legs.
  • 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
  • Stand to the left of the ladder and hop right in and then right out of the ladder. Then with the left in and out of the ladder.
  • Sideways put 1 leg in the ladder and 1 leg behind it. Then switch legs, rotating with the hips.

Place the hoops so they are about one meter apart, so you can skate
  • Skate 5x through the hoops, holding each jump for 3 seconds.
  • Hopping 5x through the hoops, alternating between hopping a hoop on the left and hopping a hoop on the right.


Rules of play:

  • You stay with your group on your own side.
  • Leaders change sides so that everyone keeps moving.
  • The intention is that the exercise is done with high intensity.
  • Start in front of the cones. After cone 5 sprint to the first basket.
  • Rebound sprint then to second basket.
  • Rebounder second basket joins cones again.

  • On one side a coach works as a passer.
  • Individual score is added up.
  • Counting aloud with your team.
    • Per round 1 point.
    • Round 5 counts for 2 points.
  • Round 1:
    • 10 through balls. Cone exercise: knee lifts.
  • Round 2:
    • 8 shots 3-4 meters. Cone exercise: 2 pawns forward, 1 pawn back.
  • Round 3:
    • 10 short chances. Cone exercise: zigzagging.
  • Round 4:
    • 6 shots 4-5 meters. Cone exercise: zigzagging backwards.
  • Round 5:
    • Team with least points determines the exercise, including the cone exercise.


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