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Korfball drills for technique shoot / score / shot

  • Player red throws the ball to the blue player under the basket.
  • The blue player passes the ball to player white.
  • Player white then throws the ball deep behind the basket.
  • From the moment player red has thrown the ball to blue, he cuts around the basket to accept the deep thrown ball for the shot.
  • Player white may throw the ball deep immediately after receiving the ball.
  • It is up to player red to be ready in time.

  • Dotted line: ball lines - Black line: running line
drawing Parabola
  • Shot game in 2-team form. Playing against the other baskets.

  • One of the two will shoot. If 2x is scored you call out to the coach.
  • If you are the fastest, you have won and on all baskets the pairs are changed.
  • The one who finishes first has earned a point.

  • The other of the pair catches the ball.
  • If the ball bounces on the ground then a goal goes off.

  • Variation possible through through balls and off movement.
  • Pay attention to the passing. Where does someone want the ball when you pass?
  • Out of motion: keep moving after your shot to receive the ball. You keep running until you receive the ball again.
  • There are 2 players per post.
  • When a player has scored, they may step back,
  • After 3 attempts not scored then the player stands as a catch and it is player 2's turn.
  • If the person standing under the basket does not catch the ball at once the player shooting must take a step forward.
  • You can get closer than 1 step in front of the basket.
Place at least half the number of players participating in baskets distributed in a circle on field.
  • One player stands under each basket with ball
  • The remaining players stand in the middle between the lined up baskets
  • Have players walk to a basket and pull a hook and then shoot.
    • If the ball is in, on a regular basket, the player gets 1 point.
    • Is the ball in, on a shooter's basket, then you get 2 points.
  • If the player has scored, he walks to the center and chooses another basket to shoot at.
  • If the player did not score, then you switch with the passer.
  • Play like this to a self-selected number of points.

  • follow-through
  • pull away ball
  • The ball is played in to a high support and the inspeler threatens to pass.
  • The support shifts the ball to the side or back of the basket, onto a moving player.
  • The player behind the basket takes a shot.
  • The inspeler comes over the support and catches the ball.
  • The catcher plays the ball forward to the runaway support.
  • The shooter assumes the support position and the interceptor becomes the new shooter.
This exercise can be played from any side.
The goal of the exercise is to use the whole field and create space in the game.

drawing Rear basket utilization
  • 2 Players in front, 1 defender.
  • Player 1 -left- makes movement toward passer, pulls deep to behind the basket, takes shot.
  • Defender -red- makes pass difficult, allows shot
  • Passer throws with outside hand
  • Shooter shoots on right leg -outer leg.
drawing Depth line shot with defender
Goal: as a player to free your fellow players after a long line.
  • The pole is the central point.
  • The playing field is divided into 4 squares.
  • If the player can pass to someone diagonally, do so after long runs.
  • Scoring from pass wide = 1p
  • Scoring from diagonal = 2p
  • Hitting basket from diagonal = 1p
  • Passer without a defender
  • Attacker without defender
  • Both with defender; 2 against 2
drawing Passing after long running
Pairs at a basket,
2 pawns at 4 meters in front of the basket with 3/4 meters between them.

  • Player 1 starts to the left of the basket and jumps back and forth OVER the pawn.
  • Runs to the other pawn and does the same thing there.
  • Make dodge ball in front of the shot
  • Or make a through ball
  • Or cut around the basket for small chance
After each shot, the person performs the exercise at the pawns again.

Jumping over the pawns can also be replaced with x number of squats, lunges, burpees etc.

drawing Fitness shooting with strength exercises parabola
  • Pairs at a basket
  • 2 pawns in front of basket at 4 meters with 3 meters between them.

  • Player 1 starts: 30 seconds tapping pawn with hand, left and right.
  • After the 30 seconds calmly take 3 shots.
  • Repeat this 3 times.
  • Player must remember how many shots he has scored out of 9 goal attempts.
  • After this, player 2 does exactly the same thing.
drawing Condition shooting parabola
Per 3- or 4-team at a basket.
Step 1:
  • Player Red defends Player Blue.
  • Player Blue has the ball and then throws it to Player White and runs deep and shoots.
Step 2:
  • Follow Step 1 and after Player Blue runs deep, Player White rushes in for a giveaway.
  • Player Blue goes for a pass through Blue.
  • Player Red continues to defend, but allows the through ball.
> Take the goal attempts as calmly as possible
> If by 4 put down a rebound.
drawing Running deep lines
  • The ball enters the box in a 4-0 formation.
  • The player on the other side -for- cuts in for support.
  • At the moment the ball is played to the diagonal player makes a breakthrough or lateral move, gets the ball played to him and gets to the shot.
  • If no goal is scored, the support can shift attention to the other back, where breakthroughs or clearances can be made for the shot.
Note: The player on the side of the ball can also run in instead of the player in front. The action then comes from the other side of the box.

  • Score 5 through balls over left and over right
  • Score 5 clearance balls from the left and right.
drawing Action from rear
  • 1 player stands under the basket.
  • The shooter stands approximately 3/4 meters in front of the basket.
  • The shooter moves to the right and receives the ball on the outside hand.
  • Quickly stands properly for the shot and shoots from balance, this must be done quickly.
  • In the beginning this exercise still on two legs, possibly to 1 leg.
  • After the ball is caught, the player moves to the left and everything repeats itself.
  • Maximum of 5 shots per person and then switch.
drawing Warm up ball control and shooting