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Korfball drills for

Speed ladder (the next one only starts when the first 4 squares are gone)
  1. Heels buttocks with hands on your buttocks. Every foot goes in every compartment 10x
  2. Hopscotch through the ladder on the left leg 10x
  3. Hop through the ladder on the right leg  10x
  4. 1 leg in the ladder and 1 leg outside the ladder, jumping up and outside leg in the ladder and inside leg out of the ladder.  10x
  5. Sideways hop on and off the ladder

Reaction exercises
(per pair/triple set out a rectangle of 2m by 1m with four different coloured hats)
  • One player stands in the box, the other(s) look on.
  • Put two lines on each side of the rectangle.
  • The players in the box move their feet on the spot. (dribbling)
  • The players are constantly given commands that they must respond to.
  • Each time you mention a color of a hat, they must touch that hat with their hand.
  • The command line means that they have to sprint to one of the side lines. At that moment the other member of the pair/trio enters the box and does the tasks.
  • Everyone does this 10 times.
Assignments can include jump, squat, touch heel, touch knee, hop right, hop left, sit, plank, push-up etc. You alternate these assignments with a colour of a hat

  • This exercise is designed to let the players choose for themselves what they want to improve on.
  • Which (improvement) goal, which they have set for themselves, do they want to improve here.
  • As a trainer you can steer this by guiding the choice.
  • For example: the exercise must have something to do with passing/shooting/attacking/looking etc.
  • You will do this task in pairs.
  • Use a basket for each pair.
  • Put 4 hats around the basket in a square about 1.5 meters from the basket. (the basket is in the middle)
  • Stand in between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • Shoot to score.
  • The person under the basket names a colour and you tap on that colour.
  • Go back between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • If you have scored, you don't have to run to a colour.
  • Do this until someone has scored 5.
drawing colours colours colours A
  1. The blue player plays the ball on the right hand of the red player, who shifts the one-handed ball to the left and passes it to the white player.
    1. The red lady goes sideways through the pylons and gets the ball from white on her left hand, she moves to the right, throws to blue and goes sideways through the pylons again.
    2. When she is ready she switches with white, white goes to red and blue and blue goes to red. (can also be done with 4 teams and 2 balls)
  2. Now 1 lady stands under the pole.
    1. The lady with the ball goes sideways through the pylons and takes the ball while bouncing.
    2. After the last pylon she plays the pole lady and takes a walkthrough ball.
    3. The person who passes on the ball starts in front of the pylon.
    4. The third lady is on her way.
    5. Score with 3 15x
  3. Straight ahead hopping over the sticks and take the ball.
    1. 15x scoring
  4. You stand crosswise on the pylons with stick between them.
    1. You step over the stick with your right, then with your left and then over the next stick.
    2. Finally you pass the ball.
    3. 15x scoring
  5. Hopping over each pole twice and then take the ball.
    1. 15x scoring
  6. Every player has a ball.
    1. Take the ball in your right hand and pull your right knee up, pass the ball under it, pick it up with your left, put your right leg on the ground and pull your left leg up and pass the ball from outside to inside under that leg and then pick the ball up again with your right, etc. 
    2. Each leg 10x, then from inside to outside.
  7. Bounce the ball between your legs from front to back and from right to left, then from back to front. 
    1. Each 10x
  8. Roll the ball around your hips and keep wrapping it up.
    1. 20x to the left and 20x to the right
  9. The ball lies on 2 hands that you hold on your back.
    1. Play the ball over your head by bouncing it up with both hands.
    2. Catch the ball in front of your body. 
    3. 10x.
  10. Exercise 9 but now in reverse.
    1. Catch with the hands on the back.
drawing ball skills and flexibility
  • Side plank:
    • Support on stretched arm or elbow, other arm points up.
    • Rotate torso and twist upper arm under the armpit, turn back and move arm up again.
    • 5x on left arm, 5x on right arm
  • Superwoman:
    • While lying down, move your right arm stretched forward and at the same time lift your left leg off the ground.
    • Hold this for 3 seconds and then switch legs and arms.
    • Try not to sink sideways or turn your pelvis.
    • 5x left and 5x right
  • The worm:
    • You stand and bring your hands in front of your feet on the ground.
    • Hold for 3 seconds, then you move your hands one step forward, also hold for 3 seconds, finally you come to a lying position and you hold that for 3 seconds as well.
    • Then you return to the starting position in two steps, each step holding for 3 seconds.
    • Do this 5 times.
  • Hopping on your left leg through the rope ladder, at the end you make an evasive move to the right, you get the ball and score.
  • Next time you hop on your right leg and after the ladder you dodge to the left and score.
  • Score together 15 times.
  • Left foot in the ladder, right foot next to it (touch all squares)
  • Left hopscotch (beside the ladder/in the ladder/slanting forward beside the ladder and then to the side)
  • Skiers (right beside the ladder, then left in the ladder and diagonally forwards beside the ladder, then right in the ladder and diagonally forwards beside the ladder then left again)
  • Cross pass (sideways through the ladder and put the left leg over the right one, then the right leg to the back and then left again.)
  • Hopping (with slightly spread legs left outside, right in the ladder to right outside and left in the ladder, then 1 to the front and then left again, at the end of the ladder you take a pass ball)
  • Cross your shoulders and arms on the ground, raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and lift your buttocks as high as possible.
  • Extend left and right leg alternately. 3 x 10 seconds.
  • Plank (on arms and toes) body in a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds.
  • Tighten abdominal and gluteal muscles 3x
  • Deep squat 10x.
  • Feet are forward in a spread position just outside the hips.
  • Slowly come into a deep squat.
  • Side plank left.
  • Lie on your left side.
  • Arm at shoulder height across the body.
  • (Place your bottom leg at a 90-degree angle.
  • Raise your outstretched leg 3 times. Total time 20 seconds.
  • Bicycle crunch. lie on your back, pull your legs up to 90 degrees, put your hands under your head (lift slightly) tighten your stomach muscles and cycle with your legs for 20 seconds.
  • 1 pole with a pawn or ball on each side at 2 meters.
  • When using pawns, the ball is at the first pawn and the player takes it to the next pawn and puts it back there.
  • When using balls, the player puts the ball back at the original spot before going to the next pawn.
  • Player starts at 5 meter before the basket, on start signal player sprints to the first pawn/ball.
  • Player jumps back and forth as high as possible over the pawn/ball, catches the ball and scores from 2m.
  • If the goal is missed the player jumps back and forth over the ball again and scores.
  • If the goal is hit go to the next ball/pawn and repeat until the player has had all sides of the post.
  • Can make it a competition in various ways, increase the distance from 2m to 3 or 4m, instead of jumping left-right to front-back.
  • Original exercise is from Korfbalfit.
  • Set the hurdles 5 meters apart at 7 meters.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump.
    • When you are on the ground with the outside leg, play the ball back and make a through ball.
    • 5pp left and 5 pp right.
  • Now put the hurdles 5 meters and 5 meters apart.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump and shoot as you come down.
    • Score 5x pp.
  • You stand on a large field.
  • You make 2 teams, 1 team stands left behind the line and the other team right behind the line.
  • 1 big ball, lies in the middle of the field.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • They try to hit the ball from behind the line and roll it over the line of the opponent.
  • After throwing you pick up your own ball and stand behind your own line again, and you start aiming at the big ball again, until the ball has crossed someone's line.
  • Player goes into pump-up position, with the ball in front of him.
  • Player leans on his left or right arm, with the other arm he will spin the ball around his supported arm, so 15, 20, 25,...depending on how good the player's condition is....