Korfball drills for


  • Go sideways through the ladder with straight back and knees raised.
    • 2x starting right and 2x starting left.
  • Go backwards through the ladder with 1 foot in each square.
    • 2x start with right and 2x start with left.
  • Stand in front of the ladder.
    • Step into ladder with left foot and right foot behind left leg around outside of ladder and pull left in.
    • Enter ladder with right and put left foot on the other side outside the ladder through the back of the right leg
    • Start 2x with left and 2x with right.
  • Go sideways through the ladder left foot in first square.
    • Then right foot behind the ladder in between the box.
    • Then with left foot in the ladder and with right foot in front of the ladder.
    • And then with left foot again in the ladder and with right behind it.
    • Notice the left foot. It is always in the box, right alternates from behind to in front of the ladder.
    • Start 2x with left and 2x with right
  • In the odd squares of the ladder is a hat.
    • jump with two legs diagonally over the hat to the next square.
    • Then with two legs in the square and on the other side next to it.
    • Then again over the hat etc. 
    • Jump 2x diagonally to the left and 2x diagonally to the right.
  • Set the hurdles 5 meters apart at 7 meters.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump.
    • When you are on the ground with the outside leg, play the ball back and make a through ball.
    • 5pp left and 5 pp right.
  • Now put the hurdles 5 meters and 5 meters apart.
    • Jump over the hurdle, get the ball in the jump and shoot as you come down.
    • Score 5x pp.


This exercise is conditional and aims to practice turning and turning at high speed.

  • From the back line at a volleyball court, sprint to the far 3-meter line.
  • Then return to the first 3 meter line.
  • Then sprint to the back line and return the same way:
    • Through the farthest 3 meter line,
    • The first 3 meter line
    • The back -start line. This is 60 meters.

  • Always tap the line. 4 x.
  • After the first time 15 seconds rest.
  • After the second time 15 seconds of rest.
  • After the third time rest 30 seconds.

Exercises with broom stick:
  • Stick in neck, feet shoulder width apart.
    • Rotate the arms while keeping yourself facing forward.
    • Repeat until the oblique abdominal muscles sour.
    • 30x.
  • Stick in neck, feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Now squat. 90 degrees in the knee
    • 15x
  • Hold broom stick in front of your belly with hands as far apart as possible.
    • Now go over your head bringing the stick to your back and back again. 10x
    • Same with 1 hand high and 1 hand low. 10x
    • The same with the other hand high and over the other shoulder.10x
  • Place broom stick vertically on your hand and balance with it on each hand.
    • 15 seconds
  • Lunge with stick at the neck.
    • Big step forward and bend through the other knee.
    • Dismount on the front leg and return to starting position. 
    • Each leg 10x
Exercises with Speed Ladder
  • Heels buttocks with hands on your buttocks. Each foot enters each box. 10x
  • Hopping through ladder on left leg. 10x
  • Hopscotch through the ladder on right leg. 10x
  • 1 leg in the ladder and 1 leg out of the ladder, hopping up and outer leg in the ladder and inner leg out of the ladder. 10x
  • Side hopping in - and out in the ladder . 10x
Cobra stretch 10x
  • Lie on your stomach on the floor with legs side by side and toes long.
  • Place the palms near the top of the shoulders on the ground.
  • Exhale and push the body up by arching the back.
  • Keep the hips on the ground.
If this is too heavy, support with the elbows on the ground instead of the hands.

Standing side stretch 10x
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Clasp the hands together above the head.
  • Bend sideways so the ear begins to point toward the ground.
  • To stay balanced, push the hips in the opposite direction.
  • Slowly come into the position and hold the stretch for 5 counts.
  • Continue breathing normally.

Kneeling abdominal stretch on thighs rocking 10x
  • Sit on the knees with knees hip-width apart and toes on the floor.
  • Place the hands under the buttocks on the thigh.
  • Arch the back back so that the chest comes forward.
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles.

Lift body in boat position 5x
  • Lie on your back with legs extended and place the extended arms behind the head on the floor.
  • Tilt your pelvis upward and your lumbar spine on the ground.
  • Keep your back on the ground throughout the exercise.
  • Lift your arms and chest about 5 cm off the ground -arms extended backwards.
  • You now feel a tension in the abdominal muscles.
  • Lift the legs about 20 cm off the ground.
  • Hold this for 10 counts.

Description: pairs with ball and throwing up.
  • Standing on one leg
  • The trainer always gives the assignment
  • Other ideas include lowering through the leg you are standing on knee bending and standing on your front foot instead of your whole foot.
To throw in the squad position in different ways.

Description: pairs facing each other with 1 ball. The one in squad position, the other not.

  • Throwing over.
  • The player who is standing normally also throws normally, the other one gets a special assignment. Such as: throw with left, with right, with 2 hands shooting, soccer way, swinging from side to side, with a bounce, and so on.
Not too long, for example throw and change 5 times and that a few times.

Variation: have the player who throws normally give the orders on how the other should throw.

Strength training / balance.

Description: players sit on the floor, in rows of 3, at a distance that they can just touch each other if they both extend the arm.
  • On one side starts a ball; can be a small ball for convenience. On the other side are 3 caps. When sitting, only the buttocks should touch the ground, nothing else. So you have to hang back a little bit.
  • The task is to pass four caps 1 by 1 to the other side. On this other side starts a ball, this ball has to pick up the caps one by one.
  • So the exercise starts with the ball + one cap going from left to right. Then only the ball goes back to the left, to go again together with a cap to the right.

The longer the exercise the heavier. So make the exercise shorter (fewer caps or a row of 2 instead of 3 children) to make it easier.
You can also have the children sit closer to each other.

More challenging
By making the exercise longer it becomes heavier. This can be done by bringing more caps back and forth and by adding more children, but also by giving extra assignments. For example, get a cap behind your back or under your legs first.

Be careful not to make the task too long, however; it is then better to do a shorter task again after a half minute break.


5 hurdles about 5 meters from the wall and 50 cm apart.
  1. Stand in front of the hurdle facing the hurdles and with knees slightly bent, go sideways through the hurdles 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  2. Stand sideways in front of the hurdle, jump over the hurdle and accelerate to the wall. Accelerate on the jump leg. 2x counterclockwise and 2x clockwise
  3. Jump over the hurdle, pull your knees up as high as possible and when coming down jump immediately. Everything on the front feet.  2x
  4. Hop over the hurdle, stand still for a moment and jump to the next hurdle.  2x left and 2x right
  5. Find balance. Walk over a line and tap the ground behind the hurdle with the toes of the outer foot. 2x left and 2x right
  1. Go sideways through the ladder with two feet always in each step 2x left and 2x right
  2. Stand in front of the speed ladder and step left into the ladder and then right into the ladder, then left out and right out and then again in 3x
  3. Stand in front of the ladder and jump with 2 feet into the ladder turning at right angles, then left out and left in, then right out and right in etc. 3x
  4. Stand in front of the ladder and step left and then right next to the ladder, then on the same step left/right into the ladder, then out again 3x
  5. Stand in front of the ladder, step left next to the ladder, then right next to the ladder one space, then left again, etc. 3x


Exercise 1
  1. start facing the ladder.
  2. jump through all the squares with the left leg.
  3. at the end of the ladder be jeep full speed.
  4. 3x with the left foot and 3x with the right foot.
Exercise 2
  1. face the ladder and step into the ladder with left foot and join right.
  2. step with left foot next to the ladder, with right foot in the air.
  3. put right foot in next compartment and join left.
  4. step right out of compartment and keep left foot up.
  5. put left foot in next box and join right.
  6. 3x through the ladder.
Exercise 3
  1. jump with your right foot next to the ladder and then hop with that same right foot into the first square, a quarter turn to the left.
  2. jump with left foot, a quarter turn to the right next to the next square and then hop a quarter turn in the ladder.
  3. Continue like this until the end of the ladder 2x.
Exercise 4
  1. start with right side to the ladder and jump into the first square.
  2. jump with both legs sideways to the next compartment with a 180 degree turn.
  3. continue to the end of the ladder 2x.
Exercise 5
  1. start facing the ladder and put left foot to the left of the ladder and right foot to the right of the ladder.
  2. then put left foot in ladder and join right.
  3. then one compartment further left outside the ladder and right outside the ladder.
  4. then back into the ladder.
  5. 2x start with the left and 2x start with the right.


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