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Korfball drill: shot and core stability circuit

Suitable for the following techniques: shoot strength

Shot and core stability circuit

  • Start with 1 leg in the ladder, other leg in the ladder and then next to it the legs alternately out. Rhythm in-in_out-out.
  • A defender walks backwards in the opposite direction. After the ladder, take a through ball.
  • Jump forward over the hurdle with both legs and then sideways over the other hurdles, make a sideways move to the right, get the ball and score.
  • Go through the speed ladder with a ski move, at the end get the ball and shoot directly.
  • 2 hat forward, 1 hat back, make a run-through move, get the ball and play the declarer, who steps out.
  • 5 sprint back and forth between the two hats 2x, make a penalty throw.
We work with 3 or 4 teams and each exercise lasts 4 minutes.
drawing Shot and core stability circuit

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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Suitable for the following levels: