Korfball drills for warming-up


Complete team: One person is the ticker, and must tick off everyone. The other people have 2 balls at their disposal which they can pass around. You are not allowed to be tapped when you have the ball in your hands. So if the ticker is running to someone, you have to throw the ball to this player. Of course you are not allowed to hold on to the ball endlessly.

Place a number of cones/caps 2 to 3 metres apart. Make two rows of cones and divide the team into two groups.

The exercise is quite simple. Two pawns spinning and one pawn in defensive position back. Then repeat the exercise again, so two pawns forward and one pawn back.


Pairs, running around the circle of pawns.

When you hear a 'YES' you try to pass the ball as fast as possible. Then the other runs around the circle. At a series of 4, the pair has a point.

Until three points.

Warm up over 1/4 of the field.

Practise on the short side:


heels against the buttocks

step tap the ground


step out far and find balance

Korfball in 1 section. An attacking and a defending side, preferably 4 against 4, possibly with substitutes.Â

The attacking side puts the ball in play and tries to score a goal. After scoring or intercepting, the defending side attacks.Â

In the first case, the ball is taken out about 15 m. in front of the basket, in the second case it is first combined to this starting point.Â

After losing the ball, the attacking side can try to intercept. If this is successful before the ball has been played to the starting point, a goal opportunity may be exploited immediately.Â

Emphasis is on playing the ball well and defending consistently.Â


After a goal, the attacking side keeps the attacking position. The team plays 2 minutes on ball possession. If the team succeeds in keeping the ball in the team for that long or in scoring another goal, the goal is valid. If the defence intercepts the ball, the point is forfeited.

Pairs of players, one player four or three metres behind the basket (place a pawn), two attackers diagonally left and right in front of the basket at 8 metres. One defender next to one of the attackers of the pair whose one player is behind the basket.

� The player behind the basket cuts in front, the other of the pair plays the ball and cuts across the block to get the rebound. The defender doesn't let go of the block just yet! The other attacker takes a shot. Each player 2 times.


Don't let the defender hit the block too hard, let the attacker force the defender to take a side of the declarer, turn on when the attacker actually grabs the rebound, the attacker should start blocking out the opponent as soon as possible after cutting across the block.

� Then the defender may also choose not to give away the rebound, but give away the short shot in front of the basket.


The attacker must now start signalling himself when he can step back to take a short shot.


1. Place four pawns in a 7x7m square and let three players play together. One player is the hunter who wants to intercept. Play for 30 seconds, the interception is a point. Release them by either running towards or away from the ball, depending on their position. This depends on the position relative to the hunter, the distance to the ball and the available space to play in (feasible throwing distance and free space). Stop the game to suggest where to run. Teach the ball handler not to throw if the pass is risky (better no pass than a wrong pass). Sometimes a curve ball is needed, sometimes a tight pass. A mock pass can sometimes be useful. Slowing down, speeding up the running pace and changes in direction are the means of free running.

When the cubs can shoot, throw and catch, they can play a korfball game.

Join in with the ball-carrying side yourself to keep things going a bit and in the meantime, give instructions and encourage them.



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