Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Trainer plays high ball in the back
  • 1 gives high ball to 2
  • 2 gives set up to 1
  • 1 hits it diagonally
  • then 3 and 4 etc.

  • the intention is to get 3 in a row
  • 2 teams per game
  • 9 hoops in a square (3x3)
  • each team has 3 ribbons, each team its own color
  • the first of each team runs to the hoops and puts down the ribbon
  • quickly back and touch the next one
  • the first player who has no more ribbons (they are already in the square) can move a ribbon
  • the team that has 3 in a row first, has won.

simple running exercises for warming up, in which concentration and reaction also play an important role. Organisation: Pairs in an empty, marked out space.

Walk behind each other in a steady pace, criss-crossing the whole room. Number 2 follows every movement of number 1 as fast as possible, keeping about 1 metre distance. After a while change.

As a., but now the front runner tries to lose the back runner by sudden feints and/or tempo changes.

As a., but now other movements are also allowed: cross passes, jumping, lying down quickly and getting up again, etc.


  • Perform the same exercises with music
  • Do the same exercises in groups of three or four. In this form, 'comical' situations will certainly occur now and then. It doesn't have much to do with korfball then.
  • No more pairs: everyone walks freely through each other. The players walk towards each other, feint and then pass to the left.
  • Like d., but now passing on the right
  • Like d., but now they turn around each other and walk back.
  • Special exercise for getting used to the hall: walk criss-cross through the whole hall, but not touching any line. Especially in halls with a lot of lines on the floor this is a good and fun exercise to get the 'contact with the hall' back in the legs.
  • Like g., but now keep walking on the lines.

Server goes to serve on mate who is in a spot in the opposite field.

  • running around the room and stretching

  • Abdominal exercises:

  • Legs left,
  • elbow - knee,
  • legs right,
  • ankle on knee left,
  • ankle on right knee,
  • feet in the air - touch toes

game of 4 against 4 up to the 7 metre line


Making an attack run:

  • Right handed: left, right, left
  • Left handed: right, left, right
  • Player throws ball to trainer who is on the bench
  • trainer holds up the ball
  • players knock the ball out of the hand of the trainer
  • stay on your own side of the net

watch the run up, not the beautiful ball

  • jump with your arms!
  • hit the ball with your belly!

The children head the ball over so they can see that the ball must be in the right place on the head otherwise it will go the wrong way. This also applies to the hands.

  • 2 players, 1 ball
  • net lower
  • 1 player plays the ball soft and short over the net
  • 1 player blocks
  • hands over the net -> ball down
  • 1 player is at the service of the blocker.
  • It is about the success of the blocker (possibly lower the net for smaller players).
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