Volleyball drills for all skills

  • All 1 ball and underhand
  • How many times can you do this?
  • Get under the ball well
  • Counts for the Club of 100
  • 2 teams serve each other calmly
  • if served well in the hands of the other: 1 step backwards
  • Extend the distance to the back line.
  • One player stands on the left side of the pitch and walks up to the front of the pitch and passes to the back or front of the pitch.
  • Trainer throws in the ball or one of the players at the front.
  • On the right front side there is an attacker and on the left back side an attacker who comes running in.
  • The one who attacks fetches the ball and the sv stays on the ground for x number of balls.
  • You start at the service point and run to the net,
  • there a 3 meter attack and as soon as you land you make a block.
  • Then you touch the 3 meter line and attack again with a block immediately after landing.
  • Then move sideways
  • and on the left outside block twice
  • and then turn around and dive to the backline.
  • 2 teams, 1 with ribbons and 1 ball and 2 mats.
  • You throw the ball over and are not allowed to walk with the ball.
  • You can score by smashing the ball on the mat from a throw up for yourself.
  • Place a mat at random in each field.
  • On 2 sides stand a group to serve.
  • Serve on the mat.
  • Then run after your ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who hit the mat the most?
  • 1 team is wearing ribbons. 1
  • Throw the ball over for 0x and then you have a point.
  • You may not run with the ball or throw it back to the same person.
  • all stand behind the backline
    • measure out: the distance of the step + margin not to touch the line
  • RB:
    • lean on the right leg
    • step in with the left leg
    • while stepping out, both arms go up to throw the ball
    • throw up the ball and take both arms in the air.
    • Do not throw too high
  • drop the ball and then the ball falls on the backline in front of you RB
    • Explain that the ball must be hit at the highest point, because that is where it is moving the least
    • If you throw too high, the ball will come down fast and it will be harder to hit it at the right spot.

3 teams A B C

  • A plays bra to B
  • B plays bra to A
  • A plays bra to C
  • C plays bra to A