Volleyball drills for all skills

  • trainer choses 4 (or 5) lines, and numbers them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • Everybody stands on the outer line
  • trainer calls out a line number, and everyone runs over there
  • repeat a number of times
  • At a given moment, the last to make the line is eliminated
  • until there is a winner
    • disadvantage is that the lesser runners will not improve, because they are eliminated first.
  • In pairs, with 1 ball and the net in between.
  • At 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing and concentration.
  • Idem, but increase distance.
  • If that succeeds, increase distance again.

Pairs with 1 ball.

  1. slide on belly
  2. keep watching the ball
  3. sit low


  • player 1 is on the end line, and player 2 is lying on the ground before with stretched arm, and hand flat on side line.
  • player 1 drops the ball and it bounces back.
    • If not, the hand is not properly flat on the ground

  • Idem, only player 2 starts 1 meter from the end line
  • player 1 calmly drops ball from up high
  • player 2 is crouching, and slides to the line, and has to time such that the ball falls on the hand

  • Idem, but now come running from 2 meters
    • Stay low, then it will not be scary!

Always change after 5 times

  • Trainer is in the back of the field with line of players beside him
  • Trainer throws the ball in the air and  player a comes in, diagonally, and plays the ball to player b at the net, left front.
  • Player b catches ball and joined line besides trainer.
  • For a large group, make 2 lines beside the trainer and a catcher right forward to keep the tempo up.

Each player has a ball and dribbles (right-left each time)  through the hall.

At the trainer's signal

  • Throw ball up, knee contact, catch
  • Throw ball up, head ball, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, head ball, catch
  • Throw ball up, play overarm, overarm, play overarm, catch


  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, left shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, left shoulder, catch
  • Trainer is in the back of the field.
  • Player is positioned right forward and gets ball in the middle from trainer.
  • Player comes in and plays the ball in the basket.
  • At the moment of letting go, you dive towards the side line.
    • Possibly, the player gets a diving ball from a second trainer        
    • pay attention to sliding on the belly 
  • Player at the basket catches and joins the line
  • Diver will stand at the basket.


  • 2 teams, each team has its own field
  • opposite each other with net in between.
  • the players will serve against each other
  • when a player serves the ball incorrectly (in the net, out of the field etc) he has to lie down on the side of the other team
  • player can return when a team member serves the ball on him
  • when a whole team is lying down on the ground, the other team has won
  • The trainer appoints 1-2 taggers, who have to tag the rest of the players.
  • If you have been tagged sit on a knee and raise an arm: the WC.
  • You can then free the other players by:
    • first, one of the players sits on your knee
    • then a player flushes by pulling your arm
  • Will the tagger(s) succeed in tagging all players?
  • Trainer throws the ball over the net
  • the 3 players are standing in a circle holding hands.
  • They are starting at the end line and try to have the ball thrown by the trainer drop in the circle.
  • This is allowed after 1 bounce 
  • You can easily adjust this to the level of the players opposite you.
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