Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Throw ball against wall.
  • Finish with two flat hands.
  • Catch ball high on the nose.
  • As it gets better, play 1 through, then catch.
  • One player stands in front on the right.
  • Other players line up in a row.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the front-right player
    • Player holds his ground like a plank
    • Player plays underhand to the player on the right front side
    • Player turns to the right front
  • Coach throws ball in at different positions.
  • Team solves it in three plays.
  • Basket is on the right front side.
  • Players stand in line.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the basket.
    • Player bounces the ball nicely.
    • Player plays overhand into the basket.
    • Player retrieves own ball and puts it in the basket
  • Who scores the most points.
  • Trainer places hoops in difficult places before practice.
  • Players serve into hoops.
  • Feet at shoulder width
  • hands and arms point outwards start in a good starting position
  • bend the knees most of the power comes from there
  • body and feet point to the direction of play
  • arms remain stretched next to each other and are brought together just before the ball
  • the contact area is the forearms

  • slight stagger
  • feet pointing to where you want to play
  • arm outstretched old
  • fingers open hard surface
  • Almost do not throw the ball
  • Do not swing your arm too far Stop in time
  • Work in 2 teams each divided on one side of the field.
  • On each side there is also a chair starting on a position.
  • On this chair sits someone from the other team which makes sure that on the other side someone from your own team sits on a chair.
  • Other players serve the ball towards the chair. If the person sitting on the chair drops the ball, they switch positions and the chair moves one position.
  • Goal: be the first to move the chair around all positions and be back at the starting position.

Divide into 2 teams who will run against each other.

  • Players stand in 2 groups behind the backline
  • Player runs to the 3 meter line with the ball, throws the ball over the net, runs under the net and catches own ball again.
    • Run with the ball to the backline, put it in the hoop and sprint back, tap the next player in the waiting line.
  • Next player sprints to the ball in the hoop, takes the ball and does the same throwing exercise when coming back.
    • Give the ball to the next player who will put it back in the hoop... etc...
  • When the ball falls, the exercise must be repeated.
  • Extend exercise with different throwing techniques or over passes
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