Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2x around the field
  • 3 times back and forth in a running pace to the net
  • 3 times back and forth in runner's stride to the net, waving your arms while walking
  • Cross walk to the net 3x (waving your arms along)
  • 3x back and forth sideways to the net (arms swinging)


  • groups of3/4/5
  • 2 groups per field
  • 1 group bats, after the serve the person who bats starts to run around the bases around the field (baseball)
  • the other group is on the opposite side: 3 persons defend, 1 person catches on position 3
  • the defenders have to get the ball to the receiver as soon as possible, when the receiver has the ball in his hands, he will call loudly stop and everybody has to stop walking
  • when the server lands in the net or the runners have not reached a base in time, they are out and must wait until the changeover to play again
  • when the server hits an ace, this is a homerun: the same goes for when the defenders punt the ball away
  • the catcher of the defending team must stand on a mat and may not leave the mat to catch the ball
  • when the attacking team has 3 players out, it is a change.
  • if you are playing with 3 people, the substitution takes place when 2 people are out, if you are playing with 5 people, the substitution takes place when 3 people are out.

Everyone has a ball.
Various exercises:

  1. Playing ball for themselves underhand.
  2. Play ball for oneself overhead.
  3. Play ball for oneself underhand with only the left arm.
  4. Play ball for yourself underhand with only the right arm.
  5. Play ball for self overhead with only the left hand.
  6. Play ball for oneself overhead with only the right hand.
  7. Play ball for oneself overhead and underhand alternately.
  • Line up for trainer, trainer at the net.
  • Player throws the ball, trainer plays/throws it back.
  • Then player passes to trainer.
  • Trainer throws the ball over the net.
  • Player retrieves ball and closes in back.
    • NB! Ball speed is increasing until ball is hit.
  • On 2 sides a team of 6 in the field.
  • On 1 side a thick mat against the net.
  • They hit/attack against it.
  • The ball comes back (=block); dissolve in the field --> 2nd attack on midfield.
  • Players on the other side play this ball.
  • Ball is served.
  • Pass by 1/5/6.
  • Set-up by 1, but on a first pass by 1 set-up by 2.
  • After set-up an attack by 2/3/4, but on a set-up by 2 only an attack by 3/4.
  • After service 2 (or more) players walk into the court to play.
  • Ball/ralley is played all the way out.


  • As a warming-up we play triangle tag.
  • This game is played in groups of 4.
  • The ticker must make sure that he can tick a specific other person.
  • However, the ticker is blocked by the 2 other players who are holding the victim's hands.
    • The 3 non-tappers stand in a triangle.
  • Make two teams.
  • One player of the pair lies on one half, the other on the other half.
  • The ball lies under the net, exactly in the middle, in between.
  • At the signal of the coach, both players stand up, run to the back line of the field where they are lying.
  • Then they run to the ball and pick it up.
  • The one who picks up the ball (first), wins a point.

PART A: N3/4: 10 minutes.

  • Passes: Row bit at the back of the field. Everyone has a ball, trainer at the net.
  • Player throws the ball to the trainer.
  • Trainer throws the ball back to the player. WITH A CURVE!
  • Player passes the ball to the trainer.
  • Trainer throws the ball over the net to the other side.
  • Player retrieves the ball and joins the back of the line.

Attention! Meanwhile pay attention to:

  • Foot position; one foot in front, not too far apart.
  • Play with your legs, not with your arms.
  • The ball may not cross the net, so arm position; do not make an angle that is too big.

PART A: N5: 10 minutes.

  • Pass exercise.

PART B: N3/4/5: 10 minutes.

  • Serve on own level.