Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • There are 2 lines with persons on the end line and 2 attackers on the 3m line at both sides. 
  • The player right back walks to the middle of the field and gets a ball thrown by the player left back. 
  • The player gives a set up to the attacker on the 3m line. 
  • This attacker tries to attack the ball over the net to the best of his abilities. 
  • This exercise stimulates a not-perfect set up given from the back field. 
  • The goal is that the attacker is still able to play the ball over the net with some pressure. 


  • The players are in a line at position 1.
  • The first makes a jump service (without ball), then runs diagonally to the net (position 4).
  • Here, he/she makes a block, shuffles backwards to the 3m line, and attacks.
  • Then, he/she shuffles to the middle and does the same. 
  • Keeps shuffling to the right and does the same here.
  • Makes a dive to position 1.
  • Attacker plays ball to playmaker, 
  • pass and attack over position 4 has to be dropped 
  • at position 3 or technically attacked to the attacker at position 4. 
  • Ball is defended and repeated at the other side of the field. 
  • Ball has to go 3x over the net before you can score
  • Player A throws/hits ball towards player C 
  • Player C passes the ball towards player B. 
  • Player B sets up the ball. 
  • Player C attacks. 

Goal: 1st series balls straight, 2nd series balls diagonally. 

Walking line: A joins back of line C, B keeps hitting balls, C joins back line A.


Goal of the exercise:
process 2 balls quickly and having to score

Explanation of the exercise:

  • Passer and playmaker and attacker all three process 2 balls shortly after each other. 
  • Passer learns to pass a deepball diagonally backward and a short immediate after (learns to make large angles) the playmaker has to look for the next ball immediately after the first set up. 
  • The attacker has to go to the back as soon as possible after landing to make another attack. 
  • As trainer, you can indicate where the balls have to be hit, or the tempo of the set ups, or that the passer has to do attack defense after the first pass and then pass the 2nd ball

  • Length of the exercise:
    15 minutes.


  • There is 1 playmaker, 1 person throwing balls. numbers to put in the hoops. 
  • The playmaker sets up the ball for the attacker who smashes or pricks the balls in the hoop. 
  • You can place the hoops on the positions you want, as you are going to train your team. 
  • Try to have them play in sequence. 
  • and once they are used to it 
  • you start calling out hoop number in which they have to smash/prick the ball . 
  • put down 1 chest
  • start as low as possible (so 1 low)
  • the players make an attack run from the cone
  • push off with two legs
  • end on the chest with both hand in the air (possible clap hands)
  • then 2 block jumps at the net.
    • Pay attention to steps sideways
  • then around the cone and trainer throws a dive ball
    • Pay attention to sliding on the belly
    • Fetch ball and put in box
    • join the back for jumping
  • 3 to 4 players per side, positions: 4, 5 and a playmaker (if sufficient players, also defend on position 6 and 1) 
  • pass ball around
  • defend to playmaker, set up to position 4
  • pass to other players
  • after every ball that is too high, rotate position
  • start calmly with technical hit, and if this works, increase speed and difficulty.
  • communication is important so speak to each other and help each other if necessary. 
  • The purpose of the game is cooperation, and the emphasis is not on scoring.
  • Rebounding (per 2): wrist hit, correct foot forward, weaponing, hit the ball
  • Kids bump with the ball on the ground to control afterwards and then hit the ball.
    • FIRST (individually): hit downwards (wrist hit, correct foot forward, weaponing)
    • THEN (individually): hit with wrist hit over the net
    • THEN (per 2): hit with wrist hit over the net. The other kid defends this ball and hits back
    • LAST (per 2): but then on points
  • Per 2, each on one side of the field + a ball. Steps of attack run and then hit underneath the net ( 1 hand points to the ball, the other hand hits, wrist clamps around ball) other catches and does the same.
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