Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting


If volleyball players think they are starting the attack pass to soon, or the trainer thinks the attackers come in too soon, this is a good exercise.

The playmaker is positioned with a box of balls. He has to throw up the ball for himself 5 times or less. The attackers doe not know how often this happens, and can only leave when the set-up is done, not before.

The attackers will have to come in more aggressively, building up more speed and thus more height, if there is a good brake pass.

If this goes well, the trainer can decide to move the playmaker closer to the attackers, so the distance the set-upper has to cover is shortened. The attackers have to be even more alert.

  • Everybody 1 ball, and hit the wall via the ground.
  • Hit the ball so clamp wrist around the ball.
  • Think about exit and raise both arms in the air.
  • 3 to 4 players, 1 ball, entire field 3 to 4 players
  • Lower net, and then match hitting ball over the net
  • The other is trying to catch
  • The ball can bounce 1 time and the other tries to catch (can also catch immediately)
  • After catching, throw to other player and smash again
  • If the ball is not caught, you have a point
  • pairs with net in between and 1 ball
  • Make last 2 steps of attack run (large step + connecting step)
  • Throw ball up with both hands
  • and hit ball underneath the net 
    • 1 hand points to the ball
    • the other hand hits
    • clamp wrist around ball
  • The other catches the ball and does the same.

make attack run:

  • Right handed:  left, right,left
  • Left handed: right, left , right

Players sorted on length

  • lower the net on one side
  • player throws the ball to  trainer
  • trainer holds ball up
  • players hit the ball out of the trainer's hands
  • keep to your side of the net

pay attention to the run, not the shot

  • you jump with your arms!
  • you hit with your stomach!
  • Players each have a ball and
  • make an attacking jump towards the net holding the ball.
  • When they reach the net they have to raise the ball behind their heads, jump and  throw the ball over the net.

  • Pay attention:
    • proper posture
    • proper height
    • properly lift arms
    • ball in
  • probably a bit lower for beginning players to increase success factor.
  • pairs with 1 ball.
  • Net in between.
  • Serve ball with two hands, and send it via the ground, underneath the net, to player 2