Volleyball drills for general


Goal: warming-up in trios by means of  a pepper (pass/set-up/attack) in which players need their attention and concentration.

  1. player B attacks on A, walks on, joins behind player A
  2. player A gives pass to C
  3. player C gives set up on A
  4. and again

  • Player A attacks on C, walks on, following the ball, and joins after player C...etc....


  • You can then still vary, 
    • walk on to pass and 
    • walk on after set up. 
  • The players have to keep thinking and find a new rhythm
  • tip: when a trio thinks it is too hard, let them name the action out loud... pass/setup/attack and on ....
  • Invite parents
  • Introduce
  • Regels & agreements
  • Expectations on both sides
  • Matches & coaching
  • Any announcements


Game to conclude the training. This exercise combines the two nice concluding exercises King of Court and Smashball. 

Played in pairs. In case of an even number of players, the pairs will remain the same, in case of an odd number two different team members are constantly in the field.

  • One pair begins in the "king's field" and the other team at the other side of the field, the other players are waiting at the side for their turn.
  • The team that begins on the other side of the field gets a ball served by the trainer, is played together three times to attack the "king's field"
  • The rally is played until a point is scored.
  • If the team on the other side scores a point, it takes the place of the team on the "king's field" and their place is taken by a new pair.
  • If the team on the "king's field" scores a point, both pairs remain, and the team on the "king's field" is thrown a (hard) ball by the trainer which is defended and then the rally is finished.
  • This offers an extra chance for the other team to get to the "king's field", while the team on the "king's field" can score an extra point.
  • If the team on the "king's field" scores this point again, the other side changes team, and the service begins again.

This game seems a bit hard for the pupils at first, but the teams that have payed this game always want it as concluding game..

  • Trainer throws ball.  
  • Player has to bounce the ball on the upper leg.  
  • Pay attention: the foot of the leg on which the ball bounces, has to be on the ground!

After every part a short rest and continue. For parts with *, a bench is required, 2 to 4 persons per bench

  • Deel 1:
    • 30 step-ups* (step up/down bench)
    • 15 push-ups* (feet on bench)
    • 30 step-ups*
    • 15 spiderman push-ups (pull up 1 leg as a frog at the same time as push ups)
  • Part 2:
    • 30 east-west steps-ups* (right foot on bench, left foot besides, then left foot on right foot besides)
    • 10 squats jumps (bend the knees and when stretching jump as high as possible)
    • 30 east-west steps-ups* 
    • 10 squats jumps
  • Part 3:
    • 20 sideways shuffles over 4 meter
    • 10 slit-squat jump (jump, and bend 1 knee, each time a different knee)
  • Part 4:
    • 20 forward and backward sprints over 4 meters 
    • 10 squats jumps


  • Player A throws the ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs underneath the net, and sets up for the same player that passed.
  • This player tries to hit a cone from the bench with overarm player or a hitting movement.

Which pair or which team has hit the most cones from the bench after an X number of minutes? 



See picture. Each trio 2 balls. 2 players at the net number of meters from each other, other player in the back field.

  • Exercise 1: Players rapidly throw in turns, player in the back field returns ball underhand.
  • First ball is deep, 2nd ball is short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers increase their distance apart and throw straight: player with ball at the side line throws deep, other short . 

Change places after x number of balls or after a certain time.

  • make 2 equal teams.
  • Each team has 1 ball on their own field
  • Trainer throws rally ball into field of a team
  • Team plays 3 times before ball goes to the other team
  • Player can have only 1 ball at the same time
  • If the ball is dropped or similar, the other team scores a point.



Basic exercise:

  • Trainer throws the ball, player catches the ball and puts it in the cart.
  • Then the player goes to the ladder, goes through it, and joins the next line. 


  1. Throw difficult balls (left and right, front and back).
  2. Play underhand for themselves and catch.
  3. Two players get ready next to each other and have to call let go.
  4. A setupper is added who has to catch the underhand ball.
  5. An attacker is added who has to play the setupper's ball over the net.


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