Volleyball drills for general



See picture. Each trio 2 balls. 2 players at the net number of meters from each other, other player in the back field.

  • Exercise 1: Players rapidly throw in turns, player in the back field returns ball underhand.
  • First ball is deep, 2nd ball is short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers increase their distance apart and throw straight: player with ball at the side line throws deep, other short . 

Change places after x number of balls or after a certain time.

  • make 2 equal teams.
  • Each team has 1 ball on their own field
  • Trainer throws rally ball into field of a team
  • Team plays 3 times before ball goes to the other team
  • Player can have only 1 ball at the same time
  • If the ball is dropped or similar, the other team scores a point.


Basic exercise:

  • Trainer throws the ball, player catches the ball and puts it in the cart.
  • Then the player goes to the ladder, goes through it, and joins the next line. 


  1. Throw difficult balls (left and right, front and back).
  2. Play underhand for themselves and catch.
  3. Two players get ready next to each other and have to call let go.
  4. A setupper is added who has to catch the underhand ball.
  5. An attacker is added who has to play the setupper's ball over the net.


Divide over 3m line. Throw ball in zig-zag pattern and follow. See picture.
Later, play underhand, only overarm. One side of the net underhand, other side overarm.


Make 2 or 3 lines on the end line.
Goal: service has to be correct!! 

  • The first of each line serves the ball and picks it up again.
  • The next can only serve when tapped.
  • If the ball is served into the net, the ball has to be picked up and served again.

Which line has a 100% service score???

  • 5x push up (can also be done on knees)
  • planking (straight back) 3x with 15 sec. rest in between.
  • lie down on your back, cycle for 1 minute
  • 10x entire stomach exercise 

in pairs, practice fanatically


- 1, 2 and 3 start from end line
- sprint to middle line and back to the back field
-  C plays a ball in the back field
- 1, 2 and 3 build up an attack (pass, set-up and attack) 
- get the ball yourself.
- next trio


  • bring the ball into the game; S sets up to left forward
  • 1 diagonal  attack
  • all rotate one spot when ball is over the net
  • defend diagonal attack on set-upper
  • set up to left forward, attack diagonally; etc.


  • when rotating, quickly to starting position
  • all provide attack defense
  • right forward block put straight



this exercise teaches the players to play 'smart'. Just over the net, or in the back in the corners 

explanation is for 6 players

  • line 1 of 3 players with ball behind trainer
  • rij 2 of 2 players to attack at left forward
  • player from line 1 pushes ball in hands trainer, and player immediately walks to reserve position sv
  • Trainer throws ball up to centre forward
  • Play SV from centre forward the ball overarm on right or left forward (as setup)
  • sv walks immediatelyafter playing the ball to the line of attackers
  • there are 5 hoops on the other field
    • 1 in all corners of the field and 1 in the middle of the field
  • player comes in play ball in hoop
  • if this works SV AND PLAYER a point
  • get own ball, join line servers
  • in this exercise it is important to immediately walk on after  the action
  • play-overarm-in-hoops