Volleyball drills for serving



The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same half of the game, with each team having a passer and a catcher on the opposite side.

  • The first player of a team serves.
  • After passing and catching, catcher throws the ball to the next server (or becomes a server himself).
  • Catch joins server, passer becomes catcher
  • etc

  • If emphasis is on service: wrong serve means again.
  • If emphasis is on passing: wrong pass means stay put (again).

If the teams are small, it is nice to have everyone serve two or three times.

  • Minimum of 6 players
  • As many balls as there are teams

  • 1 person strikes out.
  • On the opposite side 3 defenders and one person in the middle to catch the ball.
  • Start from the back line. Ball must hit playmaker.
  • Teach them to stand still when taking the ball.



Serving on Mat


Players at one end of the field, at designated places a mat.



  • Players get 5 points.
  • Each service into the net subtracts one point.
  • Each service on the mat scores 1 point.
  • Each service on the ball pyramid (3 balls against each other and one on top) adds 3 points.
  • The first player to reach 10 points wins. If you have 0 points you are out and you have to pass on balls.
  • It is important to concentrate on the service and take your time.


  • Put two a players between the back mat, they may pass all balls that come next to the mat.
  • Pass these balls into the hands of the Trainer. (Passers get one point and the server one point deduction.
  • Who is first to reach the 10, the passers or the servers!

  • Each trio has a mat.
  • This can be placed anywhere in the field.
  • On the mat 5 wooden blocks are placed.
  • The opponents have to hit the mat with their serve.
  • When the mat is hit, a wooden block can be taken from the mat and placed on your own mat.
  • The first group to have no more blocks on the mat is the loser (or finished).

Per 2 players, 1 ball and 1 mat

  • Player A has the ball.
  • Player B holds the mat.
  • Player A stands in the correct position for underhand serve.
  • Player B slides the mat against player A.
  • Player A does an underhand serve.
  • Player A makes arm go straight.
  • The players take one ball each.
  • There are hoops all over the field.
  • The players pass from the back line.
  • The players try to pass the ball into the hoop.


  • Receptionists line up with 3 in the backfield.
  • From the other side there is a save, emphasis is on reception and attack, not difficult save.
  • Ball is played centrally to playmaker, pass goes to position 4 or 2.
  • After the attack move to the serve. First server replaces the player who took the reception.
  • Expansion :
    • Playmaker at the net in combination with opposit or central striker.
  • 2 teams serve each other calmly over the net (Overhand)
  • Distance can be increased when the ball goes over the net in a controlled way.
  • Throwing up is important, so concentrate!

  • After this serve on positions in the field where there is a mat.
  • Throwing up is important so concentration is necessary!



This exercise is fun to do and gives a lot of fun and competition! Relays in general already create competition.

What this exercise also wants to mimic is the stress factor that a serve brings.

The players are divided into equal teams and lined up on the serving area of the same court. The first player of a team serves and retrieves his ball. After the next player is tapped, this one serves, and so on.

It is important for a player to serve quickly, but it must also be flawless, otherwise the ball must be retrieved and served again!


  • A minimum of 6 players
  • As many balls as there are teams
  • Extension: extra points to earn by placing hoops in the field.


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