basketball drill:
"Cutting inside and passing"

Suitable for the following techniques: passing , catching , condition , attack

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Cutting inside and passing

  • Consider the pilons as the defense (players can also be used for this). 
  • Player 1 (white runs) towards player blue. 
  • Halfway through the run, player blue runs behind his defender and asks for the ball. 
  • Player white passes to blue. 
  • As soon as player blue catches the ball, player red sprints away behind his defender. 
  • As soon as player red catches the ball player 2 sprints away from white behind his defender. 
  • The makes the circle go round. This is an active exercise in which timing, passing and catching are a crucial part. 
  • Because everyone is busy, this is also conditionally a good drill. 
  • With younger players the distance between pilons is shorter. 

basketball Cutting inside and passing