Basketball drill: sheridan drill

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting , passing , catching , warming-up , condition

Sheridan drill

  • rebounder (1) passes to outlet (2) 
  • and runs behind the outlet along the sideline to the other side to get the ball back for a layup.
  • Outlet (2) passes to a man in center circle (3), 
  • He then dribbles to approx. the 3-point line and plays a bounce pass to (1) for lay-up.
  • (3) takes the rebound and is becomes (1) at the opposite site of the field
    • With 10 persons or more, include one (4) in the far corner. 
    • In that case, (3) passes to (4), which then gives a bounce pass to (1) 
    • and then grabs the rebound and becomes (1).

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
U18 jeugd
U16 jeugd
U14 jeugd