basketball drill:
"Warming-up cone"

Suitable for the following techniques: rebounding , warming-up , dribbling , condition

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Warming-up cone

  • 4 groups of players in each corner of the field.
  • 4 cones in the center circle
  • 2 balls on each sideline
    • player sprints to the cone
    • defence slide to sideline
    • running backwards (looking over shoulder to ring)
    • then the next player starts.
    • In a next step, after the defence slides, the player picks up the ball and finishes with lay-up. 
      • Take rebound and pass to next in line. 
      • player then dribbles to the cone and outside. 
      • Put the ball down there and then sprint back to baseline.
    • Then the exercise starts again.

basketball Warming-up cone