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Handball drill: ejection and quick middle out

Suitable for the following techniques: attack defense

Ejection and quick middle out

Explanation quick middle-out:
  • Only 1 player with ball needs to be on the center line, the goalkeeper can already blow the whistle.
  • 2 teams, 2 goalkeepers in 1 goal area, so 2 stations.
  • 2 defenders - 2 attackers.
Version 1: quick middle-out
  • Keeper gets shot at goal, how does the defending side then get the ball to the center line as fast as possible with the foot, before the opposing team has run across the center line.
Version 2: ball possession
  • Goalkeeper gets grab ball. How does the defending side get the ball across the center line as quickly as possible while the opposing team is allowed to defend?
  • Points of attention:
    • Goalkeeper may run with ball in circle, and outside circle as field player -do not run with ball out of circle.
    • Connectability field players.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: