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Handball drills for

Make pairs with a ball.
  • The one without the ball stands diagonally behind the one with the ball.
  • The player with the ball tips the ball to the 9-meter line as quickly as possible. The player without the ball tries to tap the ball away.
    Without making physical contact.
  • Line up full team on one side, team without goalie on other side.
  • Players will defend offensively and continue to watch for players behind.
  • Interception is a point and goal is a point.
  • LH puts pressure on HR and plays pass to in starting LO
  • LO puts pressure on UR and plays pass to in starting MO
  • MO puts pressure on MA-r and plays pass to in starting RO, CS puts bar on MA-l, MO makes directional change to the right
  • RO puts pressure between UL and HL and plays pass to in starting MO
  • MO completes


  • RO plays pass to in starting MO, RO starts to middle in, presses UL
  • MO plays pass to in starting LO, MO puts pressure on MA
  • LO plays pass to in starting RO
  • RO completes


Practice passing moves in small 2-meter space.

1. Right - right wide - left)
2. Left, left wide - right - left - with overhaul.
3. 3 pass with extended forward throwing arm.
4. Turn -right turn to pass left - left turn to pass right.

  • 3 defenders with vests - 4 attackers.
  • 4 markers on the ground - see drawing - approximate position attackers.
  • The attackers try, through good interplay with the corner players, to get the ball on the ground in the 6 meters. Not throwing but laying down - 1 point.
  • The defenders try to touch an attacker who has the ball - 1 point.
  • Above all play each other freely, no passing moves and the like.
drawing Defense: pressure on the attack
  1. All players at the 6 meter with 1 ball each.
  2. All shoot until everyone has been:
  • At the goalie.
  • High. Changing corners.
  • Low. Corners change.
  • Half. The goalkeeper moves forward and back again.
Remember the goalie arc.
  • Large thick mat.
  • 1 player lies on the mat and tries to intercept balls directly or indirectly.
  • Always kneeling or lying position.
  • 2 duos are facing each other, in between is parallel a line marked with 2 poles.
  • There stands a 5th player who tries to intercept the balls, which are passed with bounce.
Good exercise for goalkeepers.
drawing Intercept the ball with bounce
We play this to practice the previous exercises at high speed and in competition form.

  • 3-vs-3 without circle. Point of attention in attack: lots of movement, don't hang on your spot. Point of attention in coverage: who steps out when.
  • 3-vs-4 with circle. Cover is undermanned and tries to break the attack by taking the speed out of it.
  • 4-vs-4. The coverage is now complete with a circle in their back. Again, focus on who has the circle at what time and when they should step out.
  • 5-vs-5. Same as before only now first LH and then RH are involved.
  • 2 Teams
  • Players place themselves on call on both sides at the 5 defensive positions: LH-LO-MO-RO-RH
    • Then run to attack position
    • Then a minimum of 3 throws (e.g. MO-RO-RH-RO)
    • Then shot at pawn
    • Return to defense
  • Players out, players in
    • Back to offense
    • Again at least 3 throws
    • Shot on target, etc.
  • Who is the first to knock over 3 pawns wins
  • LO a line with ball
  • RO a row
  • In every deep corner 1 defender
  • As soon as the builders start to run, the two defenders move to the middle as quickly as possible
  • The team builders who are competing with the defenders are going to pressure well next to the man
  • The defenders pay attention to a good defence, stepping out on the player with the ball and immediately back to the 6 when the ball is to the other player
  • After rounding on the goal, the attackers become defenders. Do not go and get the ball!
  • Defenders go into the deep corner again and two new attackers start