Handball drills for defense


  • An attack is played between 3 attackers and 2 defenders.
  • The attack is played on a slightly wider field than the posts (about 6 meters)
  • The goal of the attackers is to complete the attack, this can be done via an action or via the circle.
  • The goal of the defenders is to prevent the attackers from finishing.

  1. The circle player stands on 2 and tries to get the builder to finish.
  2. The set-up player should not come too far inside the circle so that she does not end up in the middle.
In this exercise, we look at how the coverage should be in a 6-0 variant, and who should be in touch when.
This is mainly a theoretical exercise, show the different situations in slow-motion. Points of attention are;

  • Let the players think for themselves what they have to do in different situations!
  • Communication in (especially) the central block is important!
  • Corners should not be too offensive, unless they actually have the ball
Questions you can ask your players;

  • What happens when the circle runner changes position?
  • What happens when a corner passes?
  • What happens when the opponent plays a rehearsed attack?
  • When do you as LO or RO have to help?
  • When do you as LO or RO have to step out?
  • How far should you step out?


  • Defender stands at 9 meters
  • Offender throws ball to trainer
  • He throws it back and the player catches it in a null pass, and tries to run past the defender
  • The defender makes a physical catch, after which the attacker goes backwards and tries to dribble past the defender
  • Please note the number of passes!
In the waiting line, the high bounce may be practised (with the whole arm).
All kinds of exercises with mats
  • Pairs of 2 with 1 ball

  1. Player with ball tries to touch the mat with his foot
    • Other player tries to prevent it with the body
    • Defender has hands on his back
    • Each pair 2 times 1 minute, then change.
  2. Both players are on their knees on the mat
    • Try to push each other off the mat
    • If someone is pushed off the mat, start again
  3. Both on knees on the mat
    • 1 Holds ball, other player tries to take ball away
  4. The ball is on the mat
    • Both players with their hands on the edge of the mat, roll the ball towards each other
  5. Idem, but then after contact with the ball move forward a bit, so that you have gone all the way around the mat
  6. Ball between the heads of the players, on hands all around the mat.
There is a goalkeeper in the goal, players line up in the middle, or at the corners, dribble to the 9 yards, and shoot:
  • Running shot
  • Jump shot
  • Underhand
  • Via ground
  • With pairs

  • A ball is laid on a pawn
  • One player stands with his back to the pawn (defender), hands on his back.
  • Other player tries to tap the ball off the pawn. Defender tries to prevent this.

  • Don't tap the ball but pick it up
  • Defender can use hands to stop attacker


  • Players roll the ball
    • Go after it
    • Pick up the ball and dribble on
  • Players roll the ball
    • Go after it
    • Run around the ball
    • While facing the same way
    • Then they pick up the ball and dribble on
  • In pairs
    • Trainer stands between the two
    • Throws the ball away
    • Players run after it
    • Player who has the ball first becomes attacker, other defender
    • Does the striker succeed in shooting at the goal?
  1. Steady gait
  2. Dribble sideways, arms at defensive level
  3. Tiptoe walk, arms extended upwards
  4. In the ladder dribble pass
  5. From the circle, walk to the pylon and jump up, backwards
  6. Sprint to the start


  • Per pair a hat and a ball
  • 1 Player defends the hat with his hands behind his back
  • The other tries to hit the hat with the ball. No throwing!
Variant from the E:
  • With hands and frontal hold. No clenching!


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