Handball drills for attack / offense


  • An attack is played between 3 attackers and 2 defenders.
  • The attack is played on a slightly wider field than the posts (about 6 meters)
  • The goal of the attackers is to complete the attack, this can be done via an action or via the circle.
  • The goal of the defenders is to prevent the attackers from finishing.

  1. The circle player stands on 2 and tries to get the builder to finish.
  2. The set-up player should not come too far inside the circle so that she does not end up in the middle.
Players split up in the LH and RH, all balls to the trainer on the centre spot.

  • At the signal of the trainer, players 1 from both corners sprint towards the trainer. Whoever gets there first gets the ball. The other defends.
  • The player with the ball has 5 seconds to come to a conclusion within the 9 meters.
  • If the player completes and scores, the defender presses 3 times.
  • If the player does not complete or does not score within 9 meters, she presses 3 times.


  • Defender stands at 9 meters
  • Offender throws ball to trainer
  • He throws it back and the player catches it in a null pass, and tries to run past the defender
  • The defender makes a physical catch, after which the attacker goes backwards and tries to dribble past the defender
  • Please note the number of passes!
In the waiting line, the high bounce may be practised (with the whole arm).
In this exercise the learning of the feint is central through 2 practice forms.

Form 1:
  • Players start on the LO without the ball, opposite a direct defender
  • Left and right of the defender there are 2 points of play with the ball
  • Player A starts with a run, feints to the left and receives the ball from the right (or the other way around) and finishes the game
Exercise form 2:
  • Player A runs to the RO to get a ball from the box.
  • Player A crosses 3 medium hurdles and lands in a 0 pass, opposite a post (defender) positioned at 10 metres
  • After passing the post, player A shoots from distance opposite a defender block
All players pass in this way;
  • After being blocked you take the shot out of the goal and become the playmaker in exercise 1
  • If you are playing in training form 1, you become the starting player in training form 1
  • If you are a starting player and you have done training form 1 and 2, you become the block in training form 2
All players start on the LO in a line, everyone has a ball. In the field there are poles to finish on the spots LH, LO, MO, RO, RH.

  • Player 1 starts with a cross and shoots at goal.
  • Player 1 walks backwards to the LO, picks up the ball there.
  • Player 1 rounds the LO, passes to MO etc.
This has to be done on a high tempo and with high intensity! Players must be tired.

There is a goalkeeper in the goal, players line up in the middle, or at the corners, dribble to the 9 yards, and shoot:
  • Running shot
  • Jump shot
  • Underhand
  • Via ground


  • 1 Defender on the 9 meter between 2 cones
  • 1 Pawn close to the half way line
  • 1 Tosser
  • The rest of the children in the corner in a row

  • The player runs towards the cone on the half way line and receives the ball from the thrower.
  • Dribbles with the ball towards the defender
  • Passes, finishes with a shot and goes to defend
  • The defender takes the ball and joins the back of the row
1-on-1 attack/defending

  • 2 defenders take place on the left formation and on the right formation between 2 hats (approximately 3m between the hats)
  • The rest are spread over the left build-up and the right build-up (attack), and 1 point of play on the middle build-up
  • Attacker on the left plays the middle build-up and gets the ball back, after which she passes the defender, it is her turn on the right.


  • 2 goalkeepers

  • Players are lined up behind a back line to the left and right of the goal
  • The first one of a row plays the ball to the goalkeeper, and runs parallel to a player from the other row
  • The goalkeeper throws to 1 of the 2 and the duo plays the ball to the opposite circle and tries to score.


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