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Handball drills for technique attack / offense

  • Group split into the left corners next to the 2 goals.
  • All players have a ball.
  • The front player in the line gets to roll her ball away and chooses position on the 9 meter and starts to function as the point of play.
  • The front player of the line plays the point of play, paces towards the center line, gets the ball back just before the center line.
  • Catches the ball with 2 hands, makes 3 passes and then starts to tip.
  • See drawing for correct running direction.
drawing Break out
2 defenders stand on the circle.
2 attackers on the left and right structures.

  • After signal the defenders sprint to the goal posts, tap them and sprint back.
  • At the same time the builders go backwards around the pawn.
  • Then they start the attack, creating a 2-on-2 situation.
Possibly expand with a circle player.
drawing 2 vs. 2 with sprints
  • Left on the center line plays the ball to the incoming left corner
  • Left corner plays the ball to the left center line who has now run to the 9 meter line.
  • Left center line plays the ball backwards to the incoming left corner player.
  • Left corner player plays the ball to the right build-up player who has started in.
  • Right build-up player rounds on goal within 6 seconds.
drawing Starting up and replaying
3 attackers and 2 defenders:
  • 3 blue attacking players in a row.
  • 2 red defenders defending a given set area.
  • Finishing on goal.
drawing Attacking game 3 attackers 2 defenders
  • 1 defender on the build-up position
  • 1 attacker on the build-up position
  • 1 center builder

  • Builder throws ball to the middle builder, middle builder puts pressure to the middle and plays the ball to the builder coming in at speed
  • Builder keeps 1 to 1.5 meters distance from the defender
  • Steps with left, body moves with him, then to the right past the defender fires with left and finishes.
- This must be done at speed.
- Other feints are also allowed as long as they are quick and convincing.

drawing zig zag feint
  • You put 1 or more players on the left or right corner.
  • Construction - and middle player.
  • The ball starts at the corner who puts pressure between 1 and 2.
  • Passes the ball to the builder who also puts pressure and plays to the middle.
  • Ball comes back from the middle to the builder who plays the ball to the starting corner.
  • Corner rounds long high or low.
  • Offset and height is important here.
drawing Rounding corner
  • All players in usual position - no circle
  • The remaining players are in the defense

  • The ball comes from the corner and it puts pressure between 1 and 2
  • Construction puts pressure between 2 and 3
  • Thus the ball continues to the other corner.
  • Defenders may really defend to about 8 meters.
Points of attention:
  • Left - and right builders put good pressure and go right back again at 11/ 12 meters and sideline.
  • Pass the ball at pace without being caught.
drawing Pressure playing at pace
1 defender and 1 circle at center.
1 center builder and right builder

  • Middle has the ball and plays to the right build-up player, who gets the ball back at pace.
  • Makes feint to left and passes to right.
  • Defender steps out and circle tries to barrage.
  • Circle prevents the defender from reaching the middle player.
  • Middle builder passes at speed and rounds.

Circle player runs diagonally back after the barrage and receives the ball from the middle builder with a bounce and rounds.

drawing center buildup and circle play
  • In pairs facing each other.
  • Defend by walking toward each other and:
    • bringing hands to shoulder height
    • tapping each other in the air with the hands - jumping
    • touching each other in the air with the chest
    • stopping each other with the hand in the side
Exercise 2:
  • 3 defenders: left builder, left player, right builder.
  • 2 attackers at each position.
  • The ball leaves on the corner running in, passes to the Left builder.
  • This Left builder passes pass to Center player.
  • Defenders go out to attacker and shuffle back off to place.
  • Attackers run backwards and may not stand still.
drawing defense aspect
  • 1 player per corner without ball as a focal point
  • 1 circle player without ball as a focal point
  • Distribute the rest of the players with ball over the construction positions

  • Ball owner plays in motion to point of play, runs on, gets the ball back and shoots from outside the 9 meters at goal
  • Initially shoot from a run or long shot, then with a jump shot
  • For rounding, pylons can be placed in the corners of the goal
  • For aiming high, the goal can be imaginary divided into 4 areas, with aiming in the top 2 areas

  • Give lots of shots and then 1 on 1 tips for improvement
  • The goal is to try a lot
drawing Shooting from a distance
  • Teaching and improving starting player
  • Expand with defenders
  • Final exercise based on horizontal binding
drawing methodical practice set starting attacker
  • Set up 2 posts in the middle 2 meters apart at the level of the goalie posts
  • Start at the left post, sprint to the right post, sprint back to the left post and in the run get the ball.
  • Short turn up jump and finish
  • Same exercise but move the posts to the build-up. You sprint to the right post again, catch the ball with your left hand, sprint back to the post and receive the ball in your right hand and finish.
drawing circle exercise with poles