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Hockey drill: 5 against 3 with diversion

Suitable for the following techniques: attack defense positional play build-up

5 against 3 with diversion

5 against 3.

  • A passes the ball to B, B passes the ball to C.
  • When C has received the ball the 5v3 starts.
  • Tips attackers:
    • Keep speed
    • Always return the ball
    • Pass over the backhand side of the opponent
    • Keep the field wide and long
    • Communicate with each other
    • Use the in-out to receive the ball
  • Tips Defenders:
    • Close the gap
    • Close down pass lines to the front
      • Make sure they have to keep playing backwards
    • Communicate with each other
    • Keep them outside the circle (if they enter the circle, the pressure is on the ball)
    • If it is too difficult for the defenders let a tackle back runner join in

drawing 5 against 3 with diversion

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: