hockey drill:

Suitable for the following techniques: ball control , warming-up , passing , positional play

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Make 2 teams. 

  • Both teams have their 'own' course, where they can score points (for example by playing over 5 times in their own course).
  • The other team is allowed to conquer the ball in the other box, but not everyone from the other team is allowed to enter the other box.
    • The number of players of the other team -1.
  • As soon as blue has captured the ball, blue will go to his own square as soon as possible and will play over there as often as possible.
  • There may be 3 players of red in the blue box. 
  • See example: in team red there are 4 players, so 3 players of blue are allowed to enter the red box.
hockey outnumbered