Korfball drill: around the world

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, shoot

Around the world

In short: shooting practise (-game) in which the players shoot from different sides of the basket.

Organisation: for every basket, one pair with one ball, or in case of insufficient baskets, two pairs with one ball each. Near each basket, four pawns or other markers: one in front of the basket and one behind it, and one to the left and right of the basket, at intervals of about 6 metres.

One of each pair starts under the basket. The other one's task is to score a goal as quickly as possible from each cone. After that, they will switch functions. Which pair will be quickest to complete their 'journey around the world'?

Variation: the distances can be made larger or smaller as desired. Or: make 2 goals at every pawn.

Variation: instead of shooting from standstill, you can also shoot from movement, or simply: take evasive balls.

Variation: Working with 2 pairs per basket. The two shooters are now asked to score two goals together at each pawn, it doesn't matter who scores the goals. So the team changes functions after 4 times 2 goals have been scored. At which basket is the first to score twice? (This variation was a favourite shooting exercise in my Nic. days. Much later I saw it again in a new jacket: the assignment had to be completed (in the hall) within 2 minutes, otherwise you had to run a certain distance as a punishment!

Beeping' can be a very tiring game, when at the end two players are completely matched! I have seen players break down completely!

The main consideration behind the above exercises is the fact that shooting from in front of the basket is usually preferred. And since a large part of the box is next to or behind the basket, you have to practice from those spots as well. And shooting from there is really different: not only because the baskets usually hang a bit forward, but also because the attachment to the post is clearly visible to the shooter, which affects the estimation of the correct distance and height.

Make sure you do not always stand in the same place, thus unintentionally favouring one of the teams.

Pure shooting is always important of course, but here it's all about scoring goals. When players play this game for the first time, they will be quite noisy at first, and there might be reactions like 'you can't do this' or 'I don't like it'. These reactions disappear after a short time, the players start to shoot very concentrated and the scoring improves by leaps and bounds. What seemed impossible at first, turns out to be possible after all!

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