Korfball drill: broomstick exercises

Suitable for the following techniques: condition, strength

Broomstick exercises

Exercises with broom stick
  1. Stick in neck, feet shoulder width apart. Rotate your arms (body), while you keep looking forward. Repeat until the abdominal muscles go numb. 30x
  2. Stick in neck, feet shoulder-width apart. Now make squat (90 degrees in the knee) 15x
  3. Hold the broom stick in front of your belly with your hands as far apart as possible. Now you bring the stick over your head to your back and back again  10 times
    1. same with 1 hand high and 1 hand low 10x
    2. same with other hand high and over other shoulder 10x
  4. Broomstick vertically on your hand and balance on each hand 15 seconds
  5. Lunge with stick in the neck. (Big step forward and bend through the other knee.) Lunge on the front leg and return to starting position.  Each leg 10 times

Sticks on cones
  1. Jump over the stick between the cones (left/right)
  2. Run with pairs over all sticks and sprint to the end of the field
  3. Move sideways between the sticks from left to right and right to left, then sprint to the end of the field.
  4. Same, but backwards
  5. Forward through the odd row of sticks and backward through the even row of sticks.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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Suitable for the following levels:



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