Korfball drill: distance shot and through-ball 4

Suitable for the following techniques: running in shot , shoot

Distance shot and through-ball 4

  • Two players stand 7 meters in front of the post and eight meters apart. 
  • A player with the ball under the post and a receiver slightly behind the post. 
  • One player in front of the post takes the through-ball that is passed, after the other player in front of the post has received the ball.
  • The ball is caught by the receiver. 
    • A1 becomes A2, 
    • A2 becomes A3, 
    • A3 becomes A4 and 
    • A4 becomes A1.

What can you see?

  • The passer learns that the shooter can only take a through-ball if the throwing is calmly prepared, is thrown in front of the shooter and the ball is passed at the right height.
  • The speed and trajectory of the shooter can be regulated by the speed of throwing, ball trajectory and ball speed.
  • Learning to control problems such as timing requires a lot of repetition and sometimes adjustment of the distances used.
  • The problems for the shooter, the starting position of the ball is different because the body is twisted for ball reception, lead to impure actions. Stay attentive to this.
  • The action speed must be increased.

  • Just like exercise 12, but the passer throws the ball to a shooter who dodges to a position diagonally behind the post. 
  • There is a ball through the centre where the passer must consider two opponents, his direct opponent and the shooter's opponent, as they are not far from the ball line.

  • The marksman makes a feint shot and passes the ball to the player below the post indicating a through-ball.

Characteristics of the drill

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F jeugd
E jeugd
D jeugd
C jeugd
B jeugd
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