korfball drill:
"Distance shot and through-ball 6"

Suitable for the following techniques: running in shot , shoot

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Distance shot and through-ball 6

  • Practice throwing and releasing on the short and long line. 
  • The passer stands away from the post. The shooter stands at the front of the box at the side of the passer. 
  • The shooter runs towards the passer (the short line), receives the ball and shoots. 
  • The passer becomes the shooter, the shooter runs behind the post, the shooter arrives at the passer's position, after the ball has been thrown to the next passer.


  • The shooter chooses the long line after making a feint in the direction of the short line or post.

  • Both variants can be trained with an opponent close to the shooter, so that the passer learns to estimate when someone is free. 

  • Dose the defender. When using a defender, the second passer (who in fact does nothing) can act as the defender. 

  • The rotation after the exercise is: passer becomes defender, defender becomes shooter, shooter becomes second passer and second passer becomes passer (after a combination with a player).