Korfball drill: shotgun attacks

Suitable for the following techniques: attack

Shotgun attacks

Play 3 against 3 on 2 poles
  • Mission is to get as close to the basket as possible. No support or rebound. If you are free, you have to shoot
Most probably a lot of passes will be given without chances.
Adjusting: take every ball with the intention of shooting

  • From the moment you are in the 3v3, you must shoot within 4 passes It is therefore important to effectively run free, and you should also start shooting. (The passing becomes important now)

It is important to only throw the pass when you think someone is going to shoot
It is also important to only pass when you think your team-mate is ready to shoot You should also be able to free up everyone in every position So keep the ball up high
And when everything is right, everyone tries to get free As a result, every defender is occupied with his attacker, and there should be no static rebounds In this way, everyone can be dangerous.

What is important to score? Shooting.
What is important in order to score? Free running
What is important when you are free? Being ready to shoot! Toes and shoulders pointing towards the basket Actually, you are walking in a circle around the post.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels:



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