Korfball drill: squeak

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, shoot


In short: shooting game with distance shot and small chances. Sometimes this turns into a fitness exercise!

Organisation: 3-5 players per basket, with two balls. There is a pylon about 6 metres in front of the basket.

The players are numbered and stand in order at the pylon. The numbers 1 and 2 have a ball. Number 1 starts shooting. He catches his own ball.

If he hits the ball, he gives it to the next player in line. If he misses, he shoots again, from the place where he got the ball. If the shot is missed, he shoots again from the spot where he got the ball, until he scores, after which he hands the ball over to the next player in line. The shooter joins the back of the row and waits until it is his turn again.

Number 2 starts shooting as soon as number 1 has fired a shot. He also shoots as long as it takes him to score, then hands the ball to the next player in line and joins the row in front of the basket and so on. But ... If someone manages to score before the person who started shooting before him, then that person is out of the game! Who will stay over the longest?

An example: There are 4 participants. Number 1 scores immediately. He gives the ball to number 3 and gets in line behind number 4. Number 2 does not hit the basket, the ball rolls away. Number 3 shoots in the meantime, so number 2 is out of the game. Numbers 2 and 3 give the ball to numbers 4 and 1. It does not matter who gives the ball to whom: number 1 can wait with shooting until number 4 has shot.

Characteristics of the drill

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