Korfball drill: tiresome through balls

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, running in shot

Tiresome through balls

In short: practise passing the ball from difficult situations.

Organisation: three or four teams per basket, one or two people under the basket, two in front of it. After marking the ball, walk forward to make a fastball, i.e. turn around.

(a ) Bouncing balls, indicated by a bounce.

(b ) Signalling too late: take overhead walkthroughs.

(c ) Signalling too late: the runner runs (left or right) past the basket and raises the ball more or less sideways or diagonally backwards. If the runner takes off with the right leg, this movement is the smoothest and the shot is the cleanest if the runner runs past the post on the left.

d ) Passing the ball is done too late: the passer runs along the post and throws the ball with one hand over the head into the basket. I call this movement the Durk Bergsma-ball, after the Stânfries player who has a strong preference for this technique, which looks a lot like a basketball technique.

e ) The signalling happens too late: the ball is taken in the jump.

f ) The ball is passed too early: a 'long pull' ball should be taken with a long floating moment in the movement.

g ) The ball is not thrown but rolled (can also occur in matches when the ball is knocked out of hands, or after an unsuccessful bouncing ball for example).

h ) My favourite show-move: the ball is turned over a bit too early, so there is an opportunity to bring the ball around the body once during the one permitted pass (catch ball with right, bring it behind the back, pick it up on the left hand, bring the ball forward and take it in two hands) and only then shoot. Not immediately a move to execute in a close game.


1 ) Passing is no longer done from under the basket, but from space. You can think of a place about 5 meters in front of the basket, which makes passing more difficult, but it is still possible to make the through ball. It becomes a lot more difficult when the declarator is positioned much further away from the basket, for example at 12 metres diagonally in front of the basket. Or even further: think of the situation where a pass ball is given from the defence in one go. To practice this -and many will like it-, the attacker has to stand at more than 20 metres from the basket!

2 ) All exercises with a defender next to the player who throws the through ball.

Characteristics of the drill

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