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Korfball drill: warm-up with ball - shot

Suitable for the following techniques: shoot

Warm-up with ball - shot

Series 1:
  • Walk-through ball without ball after tapping cone.
  • Dodge shot (left and right alternate).
  • Action inside;
    • Short handball and short chance (left and right alternate).
  • Throw ball from basket with backspin; run in behind and turn quickly; play ball and take evasive action for shot.

PAUSE: 4 minutes of shooting in light movement

Series 2:
  • Open left and walk through with ball
  • Open on the right and make a break for the shot (alternate between left and right)
  • Open left; basket comes out opposite; find and shoot
  • Open on the right; basket ends opposite; short-long and to the shot
Work alternately for 2 minutes.
drawing Warm-up with ball - shot

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: