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Soccer drill: disrupt build-up 2+k vs. 3

Suitable for the following techniques: defense positional play

Disrupt build-up 2+k vs. 3

During this second form of practice players are taught to choose their position well while defending.
Players are stimulated to be well organized and to screen the center -the space in front of the goal- in order to force the opponent into one direction. This requires good mutual cooperation, which can sometimes feel unnatural for players because they have an urge for the ball. In this simplified underdog form of soccer, players can experience what happens when they give away too much space and do not cooperate well: the opponent will then be able to score easily.
It is important for the defender who presses for the ball not to give the opponent space to turn, and to force even more to the sideline. The other defender can learn to cover his/her back well.
To execute this exercise properly where the defending team can intercept the ball, the building up opponent is given a lot of space to build up. Only when one opponent dribbles with the ball towards the goal will one of the defenders step in and apply some pressure. Only when the opponent in possession of the ball explicitly looks for the 1v1 situation, one of the defensive players will try to intercept. Until then, they patiently screen the goal, waiting for the opponent to make a mistake .


  • The field is 30 meters long and 14 meters wide.
  • 2 pupil goals.
  • 5 caps in 2 different colors.
  • Hats in 1 color to mark out the field.
  • Sufficient balls for the build-up.
  • 2+keeper against 3.
  • 1:2 against 1:2
  • Player of the constructing party takes the ball out.
  • The defending team screens the goal halfway down the playing field.
  • The opponent -attacking team- tries to score.
  • The two defensive players screen the pass line.
  • The goalkeeper checks that they are shielding the goal and pass line properly and coaches fellow players.
  • The two defensive players check spacing and pressure ahead.
drawing Disrupt build-up 2+k vs. 3

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: