Soccer drill: disrupting build-up 4 against 4

Suitable for the following techniques: defense, positional play

Disrupting build-up 4 against 4

During this drill, players learn to remain patient and screen the goal properly, among other things, to resist resistance. An added difficulty is that there are two goals to be defended, making it extra important that the center is properly shielded. The most logical way is for the defending team to force the opponent to the side and for one side of the field to try to intercept the ball when the opponent tries to get closer to one of the two goals to create a scoring opportunity. This practice form is again more difficult than the first form due to the number of players, but remains manageable. It allows them to learn to cooperate and to maintain a proper distance between them.

  • The field is 20 meters long and 40 meters wide.
  • 2 mini goals and 1 pupil goal or 2 more mini goals.
  • 8 caps in 2 different colors.
  • Hats in 1 color to mark out the field.
  • Sufficient balls for the build-up.
  • 4 against 4+keeper
  • 1:2:1 against 1:1:2:1
  • Goalkeeper of the constructing party takes the ball out.
  • Defending team shields the goal halfway down the playing field.
  • The opponent -attacking team- tries to score.
  • The defending players screen the goal.
  • The goalkeeper checks that they are shielding the goal properly and coaches fellow players.
  • The defending players check the distance between them and wait for the opponent to come towards their half of the pitch.
  • The player closest to the ball forces the dribbling opponent back out or to the side, the others keep the center close and provide back cover.
  • The one closest to the ball waits patiently until an intervention leads to ball possession and forces the opponent back.
  • The two goals are always shielded, the right moment to intercept the ball is only there if the goals are properly shielded.
  • Coach your teammate when they can apply pressure to intercept the ball.

Characteristics of the drill

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