Soccer drill: game shape 6 against 6 with endzone

Suitable for the following techniques: attack, defense

Game shape 6 against 6 with endzone

This time we have put online a game form in which you play 4vs4 in the middle and each team has 2 more players in a neutral zone on the sides. This type of game has been practiced many times by our teams and first teams. With emphasis on fast passing and deep running.

Age category: U14 to U21 and first team.

This type of game can be played on a 15m x 30m pitch. This depends on the age of the players and the pressure they are under. If you want to play in this shorter space, make it smaller. Otherwise, make it bigger. The endzone is about 2 to 3 m deep.

In the middle you play 4vs4 and on both sides both teams have 2 players who have to play in 1 time.

The 4 middle players try to control the ball in the endzone, but the last pass must be made in 1 time.

As you can see on the picture, the ball is played in by the back player to the outfield player (1), who immediately passes (2). The middle player passes to the furthest player (3), and the furthest player looks for the 3rd man in between, who opens up in the deep (4). The latter then checks the endzone to score.
Like in the picture, you can also place fixed cones or dolls as an extra difficulty.

Of course you can increase the number of ball keys according to the age.
There are always extra rules that you can add. E.g. it should not be the 3rd man to score.
This type of game can be used perfectly in your periodization.

Characteristics of the drill

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