Soccer drill: playing in squares

Suitable for the following techniques: positional play, 1-5-meter

Playing in squares

Team task:
Building up

Improve deep play at the right moment.


  • Field of e.g. 30x30, 
  • Divided into 16 compartments. 
  • On the 2 sides 
    • 2 goals. 
    • 2 teams of 6. 
    • 2 players per team are divided over 4 boxes at the back, 
    • 4 players all have their own square. 
  • There is a box with defenders between the two parts of the team. 
  • Four must reach the duos, the duos can score in goals (see picture). 
  • More difficult: 
    • A maximum of 10 passes. 
  • See picture.

  • 1.5 metres: boxes prevent players from duelling with each other or getting close to each other.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
O13 jeugd
O15 jeugd
O17 jeugd