soccer drill:
"Position game assuming pawn"

Suitable for the following techniques: positional play

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Position game assuming pawn

Team task:

Improve assumption to "move" opponent


  • Positioning game 3/4x1 in square box of 6x6. 
  • pawn in the middle, team ball-possession must shoot this pawn for points, defender must prevent this. 
  • Each player in team ball-possession is on one side of the square. 
  • A player may only defend by intercepting a pass on a pawn. 
  • Match/fun element can be reinforced by agreeing that the person with the most points has won after 5 minutes, the rest must for example do 10 push-ups or sprints. 
  • Can be made more difficult by the fact that attacking party has to score in 10 passes.

Direction in assumption to "move" opponent, freeing up space to play towards pawn.

1.5 metres: 

  • Because the defender is only allowed to intercept passes, there are no duels. 
  • Furthermore, perimeter ensures that players in team ball-possession do not come closer than 1.5 metres. 
  • the shape also invites players to keep the pitch as large as possible.
soccer Position game assuming pawn