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Basketball drill: lakers lay-up drill

Suitable for the following techniques: passing condition

Lakers lay-up drill

  • Starting lineup
    • 1 group left end line
    • 1 group middle end line
    • 1 group right end line
    • Balls in the middle
  • Progression:
    • Player in the middle passes to player left
    • Player on the left passes back to player in the middle
    • Player in the middle passes to the right
    • Player on the right does a layup and runs through to the other side
    • Player in the middle runs around the cone on the right side and returns that way
    • Player on the left takes the rebound and runs down the middle
    • Play the same to the other side
  • Progression:
    • No dribbles
    • Run the exercise 2 times in a row
    • Run the drill 3 times in a row
    • Right lay-up
    • Left lay-up
drawing Lakers lay-up drill

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: