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Basketball drills for technique defense

  • 2 rows at the level of the 3pt line-corner.
  • The PG stands at the height of the tip of the free throw line.
  • The coach stands a few feet next to the PG to receive the dropped ball and pass the ball to the PG.
  • PG passes to the left and the player on the left goes hard to the board to finish.
  • The player on the right steps toward the attacking player as fast as he/she can to stop the attack.
  • Then the PG passes to the right, and so on.
* High tempo
* 30 hit
drawing Finish from the corner
  • 2 rows on the Elbow.
  • PG stands at the height of the tip of the 3pt line.
  • Coach stands at the same height to receive the drop ball. This he passes on to the PG.
  • PG passes to the left; chest or bounce pass
  • Player left may use at most one dribble and goes to the board at high speed to finish.
  • Player right automatically becomes defender and tries to stop the attack.
* High speed
* 30 hit shooting

drawing Finish from the Elbow
  • Make 2 rows low at the Bucket.
  • The PG stands at the top of the 3pt line.
  • Coach stands at the same height receives the intercepted ball and passes it to the PG.
  • The PG passes a hard pass to the player on the left.
  • The player on the left finishes the ball without a dribble.
  • The player on the right automatically becomes a defender.
  • Then the PG passes the ball to the right and goes left to defend.
  • Then passes to the other side.

  • High tempo.
  • Hitting 30 balls.
drawing Close finish
  • 4X4 or 5X5.
  • Half Field.
  • Only the defending team can score points through:
    • Turnover
    • Rebound
  • When the attacking side scores there is a switch, so the attackers start defending and the defenders start attacking.
  • The team that scores 5 points first has won.
  • Losers 10 push ups.
drawing 4X4 or 5X5 Defense
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 forward left + defense
    • 1 forward right + defense
    • 1 guard center + defense
    • 1 strong group, 1 weaker group
  • Progression:
    • Guard gives the pass to 1 of the forwards - alternating left and right
    • Forward does a v cut to run free
    • Defense tries to prevent the pass, but does not go full out yet
    • Forward goes 1-on-1 and makes a drive
  • Progression:
    • Defense weak-side must drop off when the forward gets the pass
    • Give and go with the guard instead of 1v1
    • Active defense
  • Regression:
    • Passive defense
drawing 3 vs. 3 with v cut
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 group baseline with ball
    • 1 group baseline without ball
    • The inner group has the ball
  • Progression:
    • Player 1 dribbles slowly to the center line
    • Player 2 does step and slide up to the center line
    • Then they play 1 against 1
  • Progression:
    • Active defense during step slide
    • Extra defender under goal
  • Regression:
    • Passive defense
drawing 1 vs. 1 with step slide
Line up at three-point line with defender.
When the pass goes to your player, do a close out.

  • Get ready at the three-point line
  • Watch your opponent's movements
  • React quickly if the ball goes to your player
  • Perform a close out to reduce the shot opportunity
drawing close out
  • 2 teams, both behind the baseline.
  • One group has a ball.
  • On the go signal, one player from each team leaves for the cone in front of them.
  • The player with ball tries to make a layup and the player without ball tries to prevent it.
drawing Transition, lay up
  • Starting position:
    • 1 attacker
    • 1 defender
    • 1 passer with ball
    • Other players stand behind the passer
  • Progression:
    • Attacker must run free to receive the pass
    • Once the pass is given, they play 1 on 1
    • Stay on a quarter court
  • Progression:
    • Put the better players together
    • Maximum of 5 dribbles
  • Regression:
    • Pass may be returned to the passer
drawing 1 vs. 1 with passer on a quarter court
  • Blue stands behind the free throw line.
  • Red stands with his back to blue with the ball.
  • On the starting signal, blue sprints to the baseline and sprints back to defend
  • Red sprints to the center line and back to attack.
  • Always score.
drawing 1 vs. 1
  • Outward, the classic weave is run.
  • Back, the weave is run up to the center line.
  • The next 3 players ready to run the weave catch the current 3 players half court and a 3 versus 3 situation is created from which a score must always be scored.
  • After the score, the newest 3 players run the weave and the next 3 will catch these players half court for a 3 versus 3.
drawing Weave with 3 Versus 3 situation
This is a high tempo drill:
  • One shooter to the left and one shooter to the right of the Bucket
  • The rest of the players stand under the board with a ball
  • White passes to the trainer -triangle red
  • The trainer passes left or right to one of the shooters
  • White provides a good Close Out, going high towards the shooter with 2 arms and contesting the shooter
  • The archer tries to hit under pressure
  • After 1 minute switch shooters
  • Variation: different shooting positions
drawing Shooting Under Pressure & Close Out