Basketball drills for defense


Goal: This drill is made to get players to attack the basket more in a straight line in a 1 v 1 situation.
Per pair 1 ball.

  • Outer man dribbles the ball and goes 1 time around the pawn.
  • Inner man slaloms between the poles to create a 1v1 situation.
  • Then catch the ball and chest pass to each other towards the other side of the field.
  • There the outer man, the same as in the first play, taps the pawn and checks the ball.
  • Try to get past the defense by means of provocation: jab step, pump fake, low swing etc.
  • Set up pawns to fence off the field in which to play.
  • Make two teams.
  • 1 v 1 situation.
  • If player loses the ball, the ball is intercepted, then no score 1 goal attempt.
  • If scored then attacker goes back on defense.
  • The first player in line then starts playing 1v1 and after scoring goes back on defense.
  • After defending, he or she returns to the back of the line.
At 10 points, one of the two teams has won and the other must run/push ups.


8 players in a circle, 2 teams of 4.

  • Coach passes the ball to a player.
  • 2 close defenders double-team him,
  • Remaining 2 split between the 3 attackers.
Reaction and rotatation are very important.
  • The team is divided into two groups and set up on the sideline at the height of the center line.
  • 1 blue player stands ready to defend
  • 2 red players are ready to attack
  • When the first red player crosses the center line, the second blue player who is still standing on the sideline has to go around the cone before he can help defending.
  • In the meantime, the next red player gets ready to defend.
  • After scoring or capturing the ball, the 2 blue players attack.
  • The 2 red attacking players line up on the sideline.

  • 1 player outside the bucket (slightly higher than elbow)
  • Baseline player passes the ball and attacker may go only after defender taps
  • Note: attacker may not go through the middle (paint), drive him to the sideline or to other side
  • Speed it up: only a few dribbles
This exercise is designed to defend the cutting-in man.

  • 1 passer in the center circle with defender
  • 1 attacker and defender at forward positions
  • Guard starts dribbling and passes to forward (lets the ball arrive, then defends full on forward)
  • At that moment, the defender makes a jump-to-the-ball
  • And runs along in denial --> guard cuts in from the strong side



  • 2 tally on the back line (half court, also don't cross the middle (line basket/basket)
  • Dribble and defend (anything goes, stay in front of your man)
  • Up to the center line, change on the center line

  • 1 to 1, switching around all the time.
  • 2x2
    • Just play 2x2
    • Variant by having 1 player pass on the head bucket
      • So that the 2 x 2 players have to run free
  • 3x3
    • First pass 5 times before you may score
    • Or having one player pass in the head bucket
      • So that 3x3 have to work to get free


  • Defender defended 2X
  • Change back to their posts.
  • Defender must stay in front of the attacker
  • Attacker dribbles from cone to cone.


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