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Basketball drills for

  • Players distribute to the bucket.
  • Opposite them will be defenders.
  • Attackers are going to take care of 8 to 10 passes -straight- while defense tries to get in between.
  • Attackers are allowed to make in outs but no screens. So they really stay on their own position.
  • The attacker with the ball is allowed to make 1 dribble to get the ball to his teammate and make a good pass.
  • After 8 to 10 well-crafted passes there is a scoring attempt after which offense and defense will switch.
drawing Defense pressure with passes
  • Player sprints from the corner baseline to the first post.
  • At the first post a drop step and slides towards the second post.
  • From the second post, backward defensive footwork to the third post.
  • At the third pole a dropstep followed by slides to the fourth pole.
  • You do this until you are back at the starting point.
drawing Defensive footwork
  • The team is divided into two groups and set up on the sideline at the height of the center line.
  • 1 blue player stands ready to defend
  • 2 red players are ready to attack
  • When the first red player crosses the center line, the second blue player who is still standing on the sideline has to go around the cone before he can help defending.
  • In the meantime, the next red player gets ready to defend.
  • After scoring or capturing the ball, the 2 blue players attack.
  • The 2 red attacking players line up on the sideline.

drawing 2 vs. 1 + 1
  • 2 players start at the head of the paint.
  • Between them is a chair with a ball.
  • They first sprint to the baseline, the first to the ball may attack in the paint.
  • Continues until there is a score.
drawing 1-1 Drill in The Paint
8 players in a circle, 2 teams of 4.

  • Coach passes the ball to a player.
  • 2 close defenders double-team him,
  • Remaining 2 split between the 3 attackers.
Reaction and rotatation are very important.
drawing Shaka drill

  • 1 to 1, switching around all the time.
  • 2x2
    • Just play 2x2
    • Variant by having 1 player pass on the head bucket
      • So that the 2 x 2 players have to run free
  • 3x3
    • First pass 5 times before you may score
    • Or having one player pass in the head bucket
      • So that 3x3 have to work to get free

  • 3 against 2 with passing every time. 
  • Help each other in defense when someone is free. 
  • The attackers learn to use a man advantage and to finish. 
  • Speed, precision, good passing and team play are necessary here.
drawing 3 v 2
  • 1 defender under each goal.
  • 2 groups at the center line.
  • 1 against 1 on each side of the field.
  • Defense stays put when scoring.
  • To score first 10 times.
  • Right and left.
drawing 1 vs. 1, full court
Different options:
  1. Player under the basket, pass from the corner and player runs in. Quick scoring from close range.
    Make it more difficult by throwing first ball against the board/wall, then score.
  2. Player with ball on the centerline, 2nd player on the backline.
    Player with ball starts dribble and 2nd player chases and must first throw ball against the board/or wall for score.
  • Defender defended 2X
  • Change back to their posts.
  • Defender must stay in front of the attacker
  • Attacker dribbles from cone to cone.
drawing Defending Drill


  • Breaking free, learning in/out, 5 out (keep moving).
  • Free with defender, receive ball and score.
  • 2x2, also possible with 3x3, 4x4 (vests), trainer passes (or good player).

See the diagram below.
  • Depending on the number of players on your team, make three or four lines along the baseline and the same number of lines just above the free throw line.
  • Each player along the baseline has a ball and goes to the perimeter player.
  • First 3 quarters: sprint
  • Last quarter: slides - 1 hand high for defending the shot
Finish high dribble so force towards baseline.

drawing Defending: close out - basic