Basketball drills for dribbling




  • Players must be able to dribble away diagonally with one hand on the side of the ball

Preparatory exercise:

  • two players stand next to the free throw line, both feet pointing to the back line.Pass to each other with a bounce pass behind the back

To practice speed change and direction change with the ball behind the body, while keeping the dribbler's field of vision focused on the part of the field in front of him


  • players dribble zigzagging between two lines along the length of the field
  • when their foot reaches a longitudinal line, they make a behind-the-back dribble
  • change direction and accelerate
  • when the first dribbler is at the extended free throw line, the next one starts
  • Teaching points:
  • look over the ball and survey the court in front of you
  • Leg on the side of the ball is in front
  • hand over the ball
  • Pass the ball with a quick movement behind your back
  • Pull the hand with the ball through so far that the wrist touches the hip on the other side The ball then hits the ground well in front of the body, matching the speed at which the dribbler is moving, so that it bounces exactly into the other hand.
  • direction change is often less than 90 degrees


  • Start left and right


  • players must already have good dribbling skills

Using penetration to play the defender out of position and create a jump shot and use backup dribble to create space if that fails


  • the four positions are always one metre outside the three-point line.
  • always penetrate with the right hand on the right side of the helpline, on the left with the left hand.
  • player 1 dribbles in hard with his right hand
  • Switches hands under the buttocks at the bucket's edge
  • and goes with a backup dribble with the left hand to the next position
  • passes under the buttocks and with right again dribbles in hard
  • to the third position with backup left and directly dives in with left again
  • from the last position stop at the bucket's edge and take a jump shot

Teaching points:

  • Always go in hard
  • Keep body between ring and ball during backup
  • Head right to overlook the whole width of the field.
  • do not penetrate further than the bucket rim.
  • dribble backwards to one meter outside the three-point line.


  • start on the other side
  • Finish with rocker step, fade away etc.
  • retreat instead of backup, i.e. jump backwards with two feet when breaking the penetration, then pass under the buttocks
  • between the legs instead of under the buttocks
  • The teacher selects 2 taggers.
  • They have to stay within their box (within the 4 pilons) and tap the basketballs away from the runners if they want to cross.
  • So the runners have to dribble to the other side without losing their basketball.
  • If a runner doesn't have the basketball with him, he is finished and automatically becomes a tagger.
  • A tip you can give to the runners is that they shield the ball with their body.
  • This means keeping your body between the ball and the opponent.
  • The runners are not allowed to cross again until everyone has tapped or reached the other side.
  • In the end, as the game progresses, you get more and more taps and fewer runners.
  • The last remaining runner is the winner.

  • A runs in and (runs or around his/her axis and passes the ball to B or gives a sliding flat to B).
  • B takes the ball open and gives a weighted push (a push that stops rolling) in the course of player C
  • C takes the ball and accelerates to the pilons line without stopping or slowing it down (hip just in front of the left foot is the easiest way to do this) C the ball in the course of Player D 
  • Player D runs through the ball and takes the ball strongly. He runs through one gives a backhand pass (FINGERS SPREAD) to E 
  • Player E takes the ball at once and gives a bouncing ball in the course of F that takes and scores!
  • Differentiation:
    • Player A must give a slide on B (let the ball slide off your stick)
    • Persist: you are chasing your ball
  • Starting at the rear line
    • Here you dribble between the cones
    • Keep the ball low
    • Speed is not so important
    • Do control the ball
  • At the center line make a cros over to the wing
  • Then make a jump shot

  • Pass the 1st part through the legs without dribbling
  • 2nd part with dribbling, stay low and then shoot away for the lay-up
  • Goal: stay low (this way you can move quickly past your defender)
  • 3 laps

Everyone has a basketball and 1 tennis ball:

  • Dribble with the tennis ball (do not use basketball)
  • Dribble -> toss the tennis ball and catch it
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> take back the tennis ball above your hand in a quick movement.
  • Dribble -> throw tennis ball up briefly -> take back the tennis ball with your upper hand in a fast movement.
  • Dribble -> drop tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> take back tennis ball above hand in a fast movement
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball -> crossover dribble -> catch tennis ball before it falls to the ground
  • Dribble -> throw up tennis ball against the wall -> catch tennis ball again

everyone a ball, set up in large circle. 

Trainer shows exercise, players perform the exercise afterwards:

  • Spread, roll the ball in an 8-shape between the legs (then dribble)
  • Turn the ball around your waist, head legs (change direction)
  • Dribble with left, right, change hands
  • Make the whole group dribble evenly (rhythm-exercise, all in time!)
  • Dribble between your legs
  • Dribble behind your back
  • Make a shot movement up (extend arm, reposition, catch)
  • Spreading position (move the ball in 8-shape without touching the ground)
  • 2 balls (at the same time, alternately)
  • Reverse left/right (first forward, then backward)
  • Between your legs (walk forward, 1x between your legs)
  • The 1st player dribbles through the cones to the baseline. 
  • Put the ball down on the baseline and do 4 step slide between baseline and midline.
  • Takes the ball back and dribbles to the cones and changes direction and scores lay up, 
  • After the rebound, print 5 times, 
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